The Russians complain about new problems with the registration of the child allowance on the website of public Services

Russians complain about the new problems that arise in the design of child allowances in the online resource “Portal of state and municipal services of the Russian Federation”. Not many can apply to receive 10,000 rubles, since the website is not functioning properly.

Россияне жалуются на новые проблемы с оформлением детского пособия на сайте Госуслуг

Some time ago, President Vladimir Putin instructed to organize the work of the website Services, which did not survive the mass appeals of citizens. However, the Russians continue to complain that not be able to apply and report on the inconsistencies in the government Decree. As writes the edition “MK”, misleading readers, that just did not understand the rules of registration of documents. Need to apply for each child separately, and they are issued to all children once and now can’t log in to fix the error. Some even fail to register on the portal.

Offended and turned to the parents, who are not entitled to payment because it is not intended for those who will be 16 years of age after July 1, 2020. In this case, the portal indicated other dates of birth. The Russians say they are aware that many laws in the context of pandemic COVID-19 are written in a hurry, so may contain errors, but do not understand why no one corrects.

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