The Russians are capable of causing a nuclear disaster at the ZNPP, – Duda

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The Russians are capable of causing a nuclear disaster at the ZANP, - Duda Polish President Andrzej Duda in an interview with The Washington The Post expressed doubt about the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons by the Russian Federation against Ukraine, but allowed the possibility that the invaders could set off an explosion at a Ukrainian nuclear power plant.

"I think that Russia will not resort to using nuclear weapons in Ukraine," – said Duda.

Duda explained that the nuclear arsenal in the Russian Federation is under the collective control of many people, so the decision to the strike should not be decided by just one person.

"If someone asks me about the nuclear threat, I am much more concerned about potential problems with nuclear power plants in Ukraine,", – noted the Polish president.

According to him, it is more likely that something that will look like a nuclear accident may happen.

"Because in my opinion, in my conviction, there is a threat explosion [at the NPP – ed.] is much greater than in the case of using nuclear weapons,” Duda said.

In this connection, Duda recalled the tragedy at the Chornobyl NPP in 1986.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovych