The Russian was fined twice for the same dream with Zelensky

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Russian fined twice for having the same dream with Zelensky

A local resident of Russian Chita told reporters how he was fined for a story on Instagram about a dream in which Zelensky appeared.

After this story, Russian citizen Ivan Losev was fined again, Sibir.Realii writes.

"Today i dreamed that I was mobilized, brought to some kind of preparatory camp, and at that moment the Armed Forces of Ukraine, led by Zelensky, burst in there, they tied everyone up, they were going to shoot, and at that moment Zelensky walked past me and said: "Oh, I am your stories I saw it on insta, Glory to Ukraine! I answer him: “Glory to the Heroes!” Zelensky joyfully taps me on the shoulder and says: “So, let him go, shoot everyone else.” And here we are standing with him, looking at all this, and I say to him: “Can I take a selfie for Instagram with you?” Zelensky says: "It is possible,", Losev told in his Instagram page.

For these words and for the watchman criticizing the mobilization, on December 12, the court found Losev guilty of "discrediting" army of the Russian Federation. The dream about Zelensky is also mentioned in the reports of the FSB officer, on the basis of which the sentence was passed.

Losev called the fine “idiocy”; and told reporters about him "BBC" and TV channel "Rain". For which he received two more fines of 35 thousand rubles each – also for “discrediting”, according to Mediazona.

New protocols were filed against him after denunciations.

“Two denunciations were written against me by two different women: one from Primorye , the other seems to be from Chita. One did not like my broadcast on “Rain”. Another did not like the video from "BBC" in my feed” – Rozpov Losev.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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