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The Russian government itself is behind the failure to organize the migration crisis, – Tusk

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May21,2024

The Russian government itself is behind the failure to organize the migration crisis, – Tusk rsquo;er -Minister of Poland spoke about the situation with illegal immigrants at the border with Belarus, reports Ukrinform.

“Confirmation was withdrawn, and this calls for concern that the pressure is on There is no spontaneous migration of people in Poland, which flows from other countries. “Over 90% of those who illegally cross the Polish border are on Russian visas,” Tusk said.

Vin said that the nature of the migration pressure at the border from Belarus is different from before.

“There are no doubts, and not least our intuition, but the facts collected by our services, that the Russian state itself, and not some black business, is behind the organization of selection, transportation, and then – samples of the movement of thousands of people across the cordon” , – the President of Poland.

Tusk noted that the largest number of illegal migrants are from Somalia, Yemen, Eritrea, and Ethiopia.

Russian centers recruit them there, Why are they illegal? For the mediation of one of the Arab countries, they most often travel to Russia along the windy route. They can now be transported to Belarus by organized groups by road and cargo transport.

For information, apart from the incoming special services, the Russian Federation has a dozen places to buy up great organizations groups of migrants, there are thousands of individuals.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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