The Russian Federation will use the improved MiG-31Y to launch the “Kinzhalov”, – Defense Express

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The Russian Federation will use the improved MiG-31I, – Defense Express

Illustrative photo from open sources

There is a threat due to the future use of the Kh-47M2 “Dagger” aeroballistic missile. upgraded MiG-31Y fighters. Defense Express writes about this.

It is noted that in the Russian Federation to launch the Kh-47M2 “Dagger” aeroballistic missile now they will use improved MiG-31Y fighters. Military analysts are wary because, in their opinion, the threat looks more real.

The most important difference between the MiG-31Y and its "predecessor" in the MiG-31K modification – if on the second type of aircraft the pilots must manually enter the necessary data into the on-board equipment to launch the “Dagger”, then on the first type of aircraft the on-board equipment seems to allow “in automatic mode without the participation of the pilot” launch “Dagger” according to the specified parameters.

If this stated characteristic of the MiG-31I corresponds to reality, it means that now the invaders will be able to hit the infrastructure of Ukraine with dagger missiles much more accurately.

As is known, for the first time about Russia announced the existence of the new MiG-31I fighter back in August 2022.

Earlier, The New York Times wrote that Russia was able to circumvent sanctions imposed by the West in order to increase missile production beyond pre-war levels.

Prepared by: Sergey Daga