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The Russian Federation may be involved in mining the EU’s underwater infrastructure, – The Times

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul1,2024

Russia may be involved in mining EU underwater infrastructure, – The Times

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Russia may be involved in the mining of critical EU underwater infrastructure in the North Sea.

NATO representatives had similar suspicions after receiving information from companies managing key oil and gas drilling sites installations, pipelines, electrical and telecommunications cables, writes The Times.

It is noted that after the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, power supply cables and telephone cables, as well as oil and gas pipelines, became key targets for Russian special services. And if earlier research vessels or military ships were mainly used for espionage, now these are more often non-military vessels, so it is more difficult to identify them.

— According to Belgian security services, no evidence of cable mining has been found in Belgian or Dutch territorial waters in the North Sea. However, at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, explosives were discovered on one of the British cables– said Thomas De Spiegelaer, a spokesman for the Belgian maritime security unit.

Over the past decade, Russian vessels have committed 945 suspicious activities. At least 749 of them were within a one kilometer radius of pipelines in the North Sea. Another 72 suspicious activities were observed near power cables, and the remaining 124 — in areas where telecommunications cables are laid.

— Information about the location of cables and pipelines is extremely necessary for Russians if they want to sabotage energy communications systems, connect to communication cables or manipulate them— the report says.

Russia is increasingly resorting to blackmail and financial incentives, in particular, to hire Germans for spying after the recall of about 600 Russian diplomats from EU countries.

Prepared by: Sergei Daga

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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