The Russian Federation is investigating the police assault on the journalist at a polling station in St. Petersburg

РФ расследует нападение полиции на журналиста на избирательном участке в Петербурге

MOSCOW (Reuters) – the Russian Investigative Committee checks the information about the attack on the journalist at a polling station in St. Petersburg, after which he accused the police that they broke his arm.

“The complex of the actions directed on clarification of all circumstances of the incident,” – said the head investigative Department of SK Russian Federation across St.-Petersburg.

The video is from Reuters, shows how two police officers trying to detain David Frankel, a journalist and a photographer of the independent newspaper the Media, after he asked the policeman to introduce himself.

The video was shouting and the crunch, after police grabbed the hand of the journalist for a spin.

“Well, I’m broken,” wrote Frankel on his Twitter page after was sent to the hospital.

The media reported that its reporter went to the polling station after information about possible violations during the voting of the amendments to the Constitution that will allow President Vladimir Putin to stay in power until 2036.

Now Frankel will be operated, reported the Media.

Frankel and police were not available for immediate comment.

(Anton Zverev, Peter Scott. Edited By Anastasia Teterevleva)

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