The Russian authorities decided to quietly break off diplomatic relations with the civilized world

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The Russian authorities have decided to quietly sever diplomatic relations with the civilized world

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has announced a decrease in the level of diplomatic relations with Estonia and leaves only a temporary charge d'affaires in Tallinn.

“Now Estonia has taken a new unfriendly step towards a radical reduction in the size of the Russian embassy in Tallinn, which confirms the line towards the collapse of relations between our countries, & ndash; write in the press service.

Russia, in response, announces the reduction of the level of diplomatic representative in both countries to charge d'affaires.

Also on the morning of Monday, February 23, Estonian Ambassador Margus Laidre was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. The Ambassador was informed of “a strong protest against the actions of the Estonian authorities” and ordered to leave the country.

“The Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia should leave the Russian Federation on February 7, 2023,” the statement says.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation stressed: “All responsibility for the development of such a situation in relations between Russia and Estonia lies entirely with the Estonian side. And we will continue to react to the hostile steps of the Estonian leadership.

MEP Marina Kaljurand, who was the Estonian ambassador to Russia, said that the country should have recalled its ambassador at the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

“The expulsion of the Estonian ambassador does not mean that diplomatic relations will be severed, but this already a last resort. In my opinion, Estonia should have recalled its ambassador at the beginning of the war. After the aggression began, it made sense to keep the ambassador in Moscow, where he had no access to information. In addition, probably, the working atmosphere there has also changed a lot after February 24,” Kaljurand said.

The ex-ambassador added that this conflict would not affect the residents of the Russian Federation, because the consular offices will continue to work, even if there is not a single Estonian diplomat left in Moscow and St. Petersburg – you should not worry.

&quot ;In this case, our citizens will be protected by other representations of the European Union. This practice continues to this day. After all, we do not have embassies and consulates in all the states where our citizens travel. For example, in Africa, Latin America or Asia. Estonia will just need to come to an agreement with a specific EU state, which will resolve the issues of our citizens in Moscow or St. Petersburg,” the MEP explained. According to her, it can be either one country or several. The main thing is to inform citizens about such a change. “It will probably be less convenient, but the protection of our citizens has always been a priority and will remain so. Therefore, I think there is no need to worry,” says Kaljurand.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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