The Russian army “shot down” 135% of Ukrainian drones, and took some cities 3-4 times – Project investigation

The Russian army “shot down” 135% of Ukrainian drones, and took some cities 3-4 times – Project investigation

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, since the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has shot down 88% of helicopters, 108% of aircraft and 135% of Bayraktar drones in Ukrainian service, and destroyed almost the entire Ukrainian army. This is told by & # 8220; Project & # 8221;, which analyzed the briefings of the press secretary of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov.

The Russian army “shot down” 135% of Ukrainian drones, and some cities took 3-4 times – investigation of the Project

Having studied the data voiced by Konashenkov at briefings, the journalists found that they “do not fit into the rules of arithmetic, contrary to geography and common sense”. So, during the war, Russia shot down 215 aircraft, while, according to open data, there were a maximum of 199 of them in service with Ukraine. The same situation with Bayraktar drones: 84 Ukrainian drones were officially destroyed, while, taking into account all deliveries, Ukraine owned only 62. The same conclusions were drawn regarding Ukrainian losses of armored vehicles and helicopters.

During the four months of the war, according to the Ministry of Defense, the Russian military killed at least 40,000 Ukrainian soldiers. According to the statistics that journalists rely on, the number of wounded is usually 2-3 times higher than the number of those killed. Thus, concludes “Project”, up to 80% of its regular strength should be put out of action of the Ukrainian army – before the war it amounted to 200 thousand soldiers.

At the same time, starting from mid-April, Ukrainian losses began to rise sharply, judging by the words of Konashenkov: every day he reported on hundreds of destroyed military facilities in Ukraine. The interlocutor of the “Project”, close to the Kremlin, explained this by the fact that “after the failure near Kyiv, the Kremlin was frightened for the optimism of the Russians and asked Konashenkov to describe the successes of the army more vividly”.

According to the briefings of the Ministry of Defense, at least 25 settlements were taken by Russian troops at least twice. The small town of Kremennaya in the Lugansk region was taken by the Russians four times.

According to Konashenkov, since the beginning of the war, Russia has destroyed 39,000 Ukrainian “areas of accumulation of manpower and equipment”. If we divide the official number of Ukrainians killed by them, then it turns out that the average “cluster” consisted of one person.