The rumors ended up being true. The person involved confirmed it: 'I find it very painful'.

The rumors ended up being true. The person involved confirmed it: 'I find it very painful'.

In October 2021, Wanda Nara used her social networks to target a woman who, by getting involved with Mauro Icardi -her husband-, had destroyed her family.

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From that moment on, the attention of the entire world focused on the marriage of the businesswoman and the soccer player who, despite the step of time, they seemed to jump from crisis to crisis.

Almost a year after the outbreak of the so-called Wanda Gate, the businesswoman used her Instagram account again, but this time, it was to communicate the definitive end of their relationship.

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'I find it very painful'

The rumors ended up being true. The person involved herself confirmed it: 'I find it very painful'.

Very active on her social networks, Wanda Nara usually opens spaces so that her followers can ask her questions in order to maintain a fluid relationship with them.

She did so in the last few hours, when she invited her fans to that they send her messages and that she would answer the most repeated doubts. Most of them focused on her relationship with the soccer player and, after answering some, she decided to make a clarification that no one saw coming .

On a black background and with a text as short as concise, he confirmed the end of his relationship with Mauro Icardi. “It is very painful for me to live this moment. But given my exposure and the things that are transcending and the media speculation, it is preferable that they know it from me. I have nothing more to clarify and I am not going to give any details about this separation. Please, I ask that you understand, not only for me but also for our children”, she expressed.

Just a few minutes ago, he had already given indications that the situation in the Icardi-Nara home was not quite right. When a user wanted to know how long she had been in a relationship, she said: “We were nine years” . The use of the verb in the past did not go unnoticed and the theories of separation began again, which, shortly after, he chose to clarify.

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Icardi's version

The rumors ended up being The person involved herself confirmed it: 'I find it very painful'.

For his part, -and just like he did a year ago when, while Wanda lived as a single, he continued to dedicate romantic messages to her on networks- Mauro Icardi uploaded a cataract of stories on his Instagram account where he implied that everything was a game for the media and that, in fact, they are happier than ever. However, once Wanda spoke about the separation, she decided to delete them all.

In one of the multiple posts from her, the current Turkish Galatasaray player, he stated: “We are not separate. She is finishing this work commitment that she took in Argentina and in a few days we will have her back at home, because both the children and I miss her. Obviously, gossip shows sell them lies and more than two public figures like us.”

And he continued: “But we are more than used to it and sometimes we like to play a little with so much nonsense that they invent and we feed them for a while, until what they invent falls by its own weight.” By way of closure, he tagged her with an “I love you” accompanied by a heart emoji. He also assured that next year they will hold a big party in honor of their tenth anniversary. Wanda, for her part, remained firm in her version of the end of the relationship.

Now, the main doubt of her fans is what will happen with her move – they are in full installation in Turkey after the athlete was transferred from the club- and yes, this time, it is definitive.

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