“The ruling is unfair and we will appeal”: Congressman Moisés González on his suspended four-year prison sentence

“The ruling is unfair and we will appeal”: Congressman Moisés González on his suspended four-year prison sentence

The legislator, who resigned from the APP bench last year, was sentenced for the crime of collusion for acts committed when he was mayor of Querocotillo.

“The ruling is unfair and we will appeal”: congressman Moisés Gonzá; lez about his four-year suspended prison sentence

Moisés González became an ungrouped congressman after resigning from Alianza Para el Progreso. (Photo: GEC)/

The ungrouped congressman Moisés González, who was elected in 2020 as part of the Alliance for Progress (APP) bench and who has been sentenced to four years in prison and four years of disqualification from public office, assured that the sentence is “unfair” and that will appeal to the Judiciary.

“It is not the responsibility of the mayor (the bidding for works) because he appoints a committee to complete the entire process. The mayor does not have to intervene because the committee has autonomy. I think it's unfair. I was a political actor in the capacity of mayor at that time. Obviously we are going to make the corresponding appeal ”, he declared to RPP.

Judge Carlos Larios Manay, in anticipating the sentence against Congressman González, considered that he had a responsibility in the illicit award of the construction of a highway and the improvement of another road when he was district mayor of Querocotillo, in Cajamarca, between 2011 and 2014.

The magistrate considered that he had a participation in the award of the work, the issuance of the technical file and the approval of the bases of the selection process that a company won, thus benefiting one of the councilors of the commune, as supported by the anti-corruption prosecutor Javier Idrogo Rodríguez.

“The mayor appoints a bidding committee and the committee has not reviewed the file well. A manager has been part of a consortium company […] The mayor signs a contract for the sake of the principle of good faith and trust”, assured the legislator.

Moisés González resigned from APP in September of last year, the bench for which he was elected as congressman for Cajamarca.

The others sentenced along with the legislator were former officials of the municipality of Querocotillo and two other individuals, identified as Luis Díaz Rojas, Rolando Durand De la Cruz and Miguel Pereyra Rojas, former members of the Permanent Special Committee.

Elvis Cubas Pérez and Juan Saavedra Salazar, former mayor of the municipality during the González administration, as well as Wilmer Fernández Cubas, representative of the Chocoypico company, also received suspended prison sentences.


“The ruling is unfair and we will appeal”: Congressman Moisés González on his four-year suspended prison sentence

The president of Popular Action, Mesías Guevara, was against former president Manuel Merino being the new spokesperson for his caucus.


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