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The Romanians decided to modernize the domestic TR-85 tank: what will be improved in the old MBT

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun10,2024

Romanians have decided to modernize the domestic TR-85 tank: what will be improved in the old MBT

The modernization program involves the replacement of electronics and the fire control system, improvement of surveillance devices, as well as updating of communication systems .

Romanian gunsmiths decided to carry out a comprehensive modernization of domestic TR-85M1 “Bizonul” tanks, which were produced until 2009. Currently, it is planned to upgrade 108 TR-85 machines to the TR-85M1R standard. This was reported by the Polish resource Defense 24 on June 9.

The authors of the publication write that despite being a member of the Warsaw Pact, Romania has been striving for military independence for many years, developing its own modifications of Soviet basic tanks.


The modernization of the T-54/T-55 family was particularly successful, leading to the creation of such tanks as the TR-580, TR-77-580 and TR-85. As part of this program, about 600 machines were produced.

“It is not entirely clear whether only the machines of the TR-85M1 variant will be modernized, or those TR-85s that remained in the battalion's service,” — the publication notes.

Technical aspects of modernization

The modernization program covers:

  • replacement of electronics and fire control system — the new fire control system will be more accurate and reliable, providing better targeting;
  • updating the electrical system and stabilization — modernized stabilization of the turret system and main armament will increase the tank's combat capabilities;
  • improvement of observation and targeting devices — equipping the gunner with a modern thermal imaging camera will significantly improve the ability to detect and hit targets at any time of the day;
  • upgrading communication systems — new communication systems will provide secure, encrypted communication that meets modern requirements.
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