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Bf Vc The Rocio Carrasco series: the exclusive of mistreatment camouflaged as a documentary - The Times Hub

The Rocio Carrasco series: the exclusive of mistreatment camouflaged as a documentary

The Rocio Carrasco series: the exclusive of mistreatment camouflaged as a documentary

Dew. Telling the truth to stay alive has its own title of melodrama, a melodrama of melodrama ( Tout l'Univers , the ballad that represents Switzerland in Eurovision 2021) and a visual and narrative language typical of melodrama. But Mediaset has been promoting as a documentary series for almost a week what is actually a great exclusive from the press of the heart. The first and shocking statements by Rocío Carrasco about the legal conflict that has caused her not to maintain contact with her two children for years will be shown on the chain by deliveries.

“He gave me a hair pull and hit me with the head in table". "My ex-husband told me: 'I'm going to take them away from you, I'm going to make your children hate you.' “[Antonio David] has no mercy for them. They are victims of a diabolical mind ”. “I thought the only way for this to end was to get out of the way. I took several different pills, ”Rocío Jurado's daughter confesses excitedly before the camera. He also admits to having “since 2011 in psychiatric and psychological treatment for moderate and severe anxious depressive syndrome chronicled over time.”

His words have aroused the reaction of the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, who has defined the testimony in her Twitter account de Carrasco as "that of a battered woman." More than half of the 10 Spanish trending topics on Sunday night on this social network refer to this interview. He has also commented on what happened on the program Adriana Lastra, deputy secretary general of the PSOE.

Although shocking and heartbreaking, the material seen in the first two chapters broadcast in a disjointed way this Sunday, interspersed with a debate between regular collaborators of the channel, is largely made up of statements by its protagonist and archival videos that the chain been using for years. The series shows for the first time some brushstrokes of medical and legal reports provided by Carrasco to support his detailed account, but, so far, it resembles a format closer to the recent interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey than to a documentary.

Those responsible for Rocío. Telling the truth to stay alive they have chosen not to contrast what she told, inviting the other party to the conflict, Antonio David Flores and his daughter Rocío Flores to speak. Neither does not one of the many third parties mentioned by Carrasco participate in these first minutes. Her ex-husband, a regular Telecinco collaborator, claimed this week that he had not been aware of the existence of this series until his promotional trailer was released. In this way, the possibility remains that their reactions can be seen, also by chapters, in other programs on the chain. The decision follows the successful feedback strategy of Mediaset, which has family members of the Jurado-Ortega Cano clan posted in almost all of its magazines.

What the interview has achieved is to transcend the mere comment of social chronicle and generate conversation around issues such as mental health and misogyny in the mass media

Gender distorted by recent television

The new television, led by digital platforms, has tried in recent years to package information from gossip magazines and the events section under the term documentary, without respecting the norms of the genre. Netflix offered in 2019 a so-called documentary series on the Madeleine case with morbid reconstructions and other narrative elements typical of the yellow events programs of the 90s . That same year the media used the term to define In the heart of Sergio Ramos , an Amazon Prime Video space that shows in installments the intimate and family life of the soccer player and his wife Pilar Rubio. Closer to the format of Las Kardashian y Las Campos , it is an audiovisual version of the extensive photographic poses published by the magazine Hello! .

"This democratization also poses a risk: that people do not know how to distinguish between what is documentary film and what is a television report," the filmmaker Paula Palacios, whose film Letters wet has warned this newspaper days before the Goya been a candidate for best documentary in the 2021 edition of the awards,

Telecinco has previously camouflaged interviews of the heart in other formats. Reality shows have served the network as a subterfuge to have the unpublished testimonies of characters who have never agreed to grant an exclusive interview for their star-hearted program, Saturday Deluxe . With this formula, Mediaset has offered the interventions of Rocío Flores herself speaking about the conflict with her mother, in addition to those of Isabel Pantoja and Edmundo Arrocet, among others. His words have been offered in pieces over the months, in the different galas of Survivors , instead of occupying a single prime time on Saturdays and without the need for their protagonists to officially become interviewees of Save me .

El misuse of the term documentary in many television content connected with celebrities has sparked debate around some of these titles. This is the case of Allen v. HBO's Farrow , which despite its title offers practically only one version of events, that of the Farrows, in their bitter battle with Woody Allen. The specialized magazine in the audiovisual sector Variety has highlighted its "partial nature" and The Hollywood Reporter its "questionable choices" and not being "so thorough with the rebuttals when it comes to the other side ." Along the same lines, Leaving Neverland has received criticism , a tape with testimonies about the alleged sexual abuse of minors committed by the singer Michael Jackson.

An example of content connected to a famous person that does respect the guidelines of the documentary genre is the Recent Framing Britney Spears , created by The New York Times newspaper . The starting point is similar to the program dedicated to Rocío Carrasco on Telecinco: the legal battle between the protagonist and her father. The production does not have the on-camera statements from either party, but finds an approach to which it can be faithful, focusing on the #freebritney social media campaign. Orchestrated by the singer's admirers, this maneuver tries to stop James Spears from being her legal guardian and to no longer be able to make all kinds of decisions on her behalf. In addition to being educational, explaining legal terms to the viewer, the film compiles a good number of current and unpublished statements that help narrate the controversy. One of the pop star's best friends, former legal advisers, agents, dancers, paparazzi and employees of her record company bring new and different points of view. The production also shows little or never seen archival footage.

Heart Attack!

Telecinco has scheduled the first installments of the Rocío series. Tell the truth to stay alive competing with Mi hija , the successful Turkish soap opera on Antena 3. At the moment, it is unknown when it will continue to broadcast the following episodes with more unpublished statements by Rocío Carrasco.

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