The RNBO asked a bit about prizes for women in military service

The RNBO asked a bit about prizes for women in military service

The RNBO asked a bit about women's prizes for military service /p>

In the Center for Prevention of Disinformation, the widest fakes were picked up about the Ukrainian women being sent to the armies, and they sounded a bit. About it  The Center for Prevention of Disinformation at the RNBO.

The most popular bits and fakes were brought to the office, like propaganda and discussing the population.

Fake: chuv, what a woman is 18 to 60 years to be taken to the army, and then to the war.

Screeching: taking on the appearance of women may start from the 1st of July 2022. Tse means that the woman is a flock of military men's, she is staying with the reserves of the Armed Forces, the National Guard and other military formations. And there are fewer women of these professions, as they were appointed in the order of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on 11.10.2021. No. 313.

Fake: women, in those who have children, they will also be taken to the army, and the children will be given to relatives.

Screening: women with disabilities children under 18 years of age are not allowed to be called up for military service through mobilization.

Fake: I myself am a bachelor, what women serve! What are you saying?

Squirming: taking on the appearance is not a mobilization. All women, like serving, work voluntarily either one or the other for a contract.

Fake: but not voluntarily, can you pick it up? can be accepted for military service, that service at the military reserve is only on contract and in a voluntary manner.

Prepared by: Sergiy Daga