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The Rings of Power season 2: this epic and bloody battle announced

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

Will we finally have a big battle worthy of the name in season 2 of Rings of Power, and again? the height of the colossal investments that Prime Video has injected into in their series? In any case, this is what the showrunner of the Amazonian project promises.

 The Rings of Power season 2: this epic and bloody battle announced

an epic battle without precedent in season 2 of Rings of Power

In the midst of the promotional campaign for the second season of Rings of Power, Prime Video is trying to seduce its audience to shot of attractive visuals. After the induction of Tom Bombadil which caused a lot of noise, it was the turn of Isildur's wife, Estrid, to be presented ;e. Even more recently, the magazine Empirepublishedphotos of the Mound Spirits(or Barrow Beings depending on the version. Spectral creatures affiliated with the world of darkness, similar to the Nazgû l present in Tolkien (and linked to Tom Bombadil), but absent in the cinematographic adaptations of Peter Jackson.

In addition to the images deployed, the thinking heads of the series attempt to communicate through their way on a season 2 expected at the turn, through more or less revealing media releases. Recently, co-showrunner Patrick McKay and production manager Charlotte Brändström announced a bloody battle in several episodes in coming in season 2.

The Rings of Power season 2: this epic and bloody battle announced

We love a good battle. The plan for season 2 would be to do something much bigger, on a much larger scale that would take place not just overnight, but over days, weeks, months and episodes, promises Patrick McKay, before Charlotte Brändström adds: “It's going to be ten times bigger… It's really the battle of darkness versus light, with some very dark and quite violent moments.”

The creators of the series already promised more epic moments at the end of a first season that was stingy on this front. Only the battle of the Southern Lands in the final episodes was resolved. offered to the fans, and who did not miss it. to be criticized for the weakness of its achievement and its lack of heroism.

The Rings of Power season 2: this epic and bloody battle announced

Elrond in armor in the War of the Elves against Sauron

Their statements for Empire magazine are accompanied byan image of Elrond in elven armor, and visibly in the middle of combat. Elrond's commitment therefore suggests that a major conflict will pit the Elves against the forces of Sauron (whom we recall is disguised in the form of Annatar, envoy of the Valar who will seek to seduce and then pervert the Elves).

In all likelihood, it should be the War of the Elves against Sauron. This is an attack by Sauron in Eregion in the Second Age. In Tolkien, this offensive stems from the failure of the dark lord in his perversion of the Elves. He then decides to extend his domination over the men of Middle-earth and to build an army of orcs and men to defeat the Elves, and launches his great offensive against the west to destroy them and take back the Rings of Power.The duration of the conflict which extends from 1693 to 1693 1701, and affecting the regions of Eregion, Lindon and up to Rivendell, in any case seems to correspond with that promised by McKay and Charlotte Brändström.

The Rings of Power season 2: this epic and bloody battle announced

But Amazon Prime Video has decided to release it. to modify Tolkien'stimeline. If in the British novelist, Celebrimbor forges the three Elven Rings alone, and after those of Men and Dwarves (forged by the Elf blacksmiths of Eregion with the help of Sauron), in the series the most expensive in history, the Elven Rings are already sold. forged before all others. We should then expect an alternate version of the War of the Elves against Sauron. Severe; Again Prime Video should not be missed.

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