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The Rings of Power season 2: a return to Adar's origins teased by the actor

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun4,2024

The Rings of Power will soon return to Prime Video for a second season, two years after his mixed debut on the platform. Fans hope that the sequel will be more rhythmic, and that they will know more about the evil Mordor and its terrible inhabitants. Adar, the former Elf, will in any case be there, and his new interpreter, Sam Hazeldine, is teasing an arc as dark as it is interesting for his character in the next episodes.

The Rings of Power season 2: a return to Adar's origins teased by the actor

adar, between origin story and defense of his people

In the first season ofRings of Power, viewers discovered that Adar is one of the elves corrupted by Morgoth to create the first Orcs. Previously performed by Joseph Mawle (the Benjen Stark of Game of Thrones), who left the series without giving any real explanations for what happened. upon his departure, he is replaced in season 2 by Sam Hazeldine (Sandman, Peaky Blinders). We will therefore find the character at the heart of his new stronghold, Mordor, the ancient Southern Lands now as ravaged as the post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max. It's never easy to get the public to accept that an actor has been an actor. substituted à another, while his face was associated with à its role. However, the first appearance of this “second version” of the villain in the trailer (which we dissect here) is rather convincing, thanks to the seven hours of makeup ;necessary to achieve this result.

The Rings of Power season 2: a return to Adar's origins teased by the actor

During an interview with ; our colleagues from Entertainment Weekly, Sam Hazeldine wanted to be reassuring: “Of course, we don't look alike, but the character is recognizable at first glance. He also staged a return to the origins of his character, as well as a face-to-face with the Dark Lord.

For me, the interest was in the fact that he is a dark character, but he doesn't show himself like a bad guy He's just trying to protect his children, the Uruk. So he does what he thinks is the best thing to do to save them from genocide. , whether from Sauron, who sees them as cannon fodder, or from the elves […] Season 2 starts with a bang, and I was even surprised to see how bloody and violent it is!

“Papa Adar” has not said his last word: see you on Prime Video from August 29 to see it in Paris. the work!

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