The Rings of Power: big shock, a main character changes face, here is his replacementç ant for season 2

By Aubéry Mallet Journalist Series, cinema, TV Aubéry Mallet is a journalist specializing in series. A fan of the small screen, she has seen everything (or almost) from Game of Thrones to Pretty Little Liars, from The Bridgerton Chronicle to Stranger Things via Gossip Girl or Friends. The release of season 2 of the event series The Rings of Power is not yet fixed, but it is already talking about the side of the fans. The reason ? As filming began, Prime Video, which broadcasts it all over the world, shocked everyone by announcing the departure of one of the main actors. A character will therefore change face in the sequel. Find out who it is.

We've been waiting for it for years and years, the Lord of the Rings universe series, The Rings of Power, well worth the wait! Launched on September 2 on Prime Video, it broke a viewing record by attracting more than 25 million viewers in 24 hours. Unheard of for the platform which dropped a lot of money to produce season 1.

After the crazy finale of season 1 which revealed the true identity of the Stranger and the secrets of Halbrand, fans already have a lot of theories for season 2 of the show. However, they will have to wait quite a bit: the creator has announced that we will have to wait until 2024 to see the rest. Filming has already started in England. And precisely, the team is growing, with a few surprises in store.

The new actors who join The Rings of Power

This Thursday 1st December 2022, Prime Video revealed the names of the actors joining The Rings of Power for Season 2 in a press release. We don't know the characters yet, but here is the list of the new ones: Yasen “Zates” Atour (The Witcher), Ben Daniels ( Jupiter's Legacy, House of Cards), Amelia Kenworthy whose very first role it will be, Nia Towle (Persuasion) and Nicholas Woodeson (The Danish Girl).

Adar changes his face

But the most surprising info , it is the departure of Joseph Mawle alias Adar, the leader of the Orcs. Important character of season 1, so he will change his face for season 2. It's Sam Hazeldinewho played George Sewell in Peaky Blinders and also starred in The Witcher and The Sandman reprising the role.

The Rings of Power: big shock, a main character changes face, here is his replacement for the season 2

Joseph Mawle as Adar in Rings of Power Season 1

The Rings of Power: big shock, a main character changes face, here is his replacement for season 2

Sam Hazeldine replaces Joseph Mawle in the role of Adar in the season 2 of the Rings of Power

At the moment, it is not known why Joseph Mawle was replaced. Is it his own choice? Or have the creators decided to go in a new direction for season 2? We'll have to wait to find out.


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