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The Rings of Power: An Answer to Tolkien's Riddle

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun21,2024

The second season of Rings of Power is arriving soon and seems determined to continue. confront oneself with one of the greatest enigmas in the lore of Middle-earth: a mystery never even explained before. by J.R.R. Tolkien himself.

The Rings of Power: an answer to this Tolkien riddle

Tolkien's riddles

Despite a rather mixed critical reception, The Rings of Power was released in 2008. a great commercial successfor Amazon Prime. The main quality of the series is: to try to venture into stories not necessarily always well known to the general public and to present a gallery of characters still little exploited in the various cinematographic or video adaptations. The series actually adapts the appendices of the trilogy,which are literary material associated with the in the Second Age of Middle-earth found in the end of the novel The Return of the King.

The Rings of Power: an answer to this Tolkien riddle

This material has the The advantage of being able to explain some of the more obscure details of the lore.However, despite This didactic aspect, Tolkien still allowed himself/had fun with this didactic aspect. &àgrave; to keep certain elements of his works mysterious. Thus, not everything always finds an answer neither in these appendices nor in the rest of his bibliography, and we also mention some of these enigmas here. Aware that it must make a big impact to be able to continue, the Rings of Power series recently announced its release. via an official photo that one of Tolkien's strangest mysteries would be tackled this season: Tom Bombadil.

The Rings of Power: an answer to this Tolkien riddle

More powerful than Gandalf

This will be Bombadil's first appearance in London. the screen. Tom Bombadil is one of the most secret characters in Tolkien's work. In the books, he plays a somewhat strange role inThe Community. of the Ring. This scene was not adapted into the film of the same name by Peter Jackson.Jackson did not include Bombadil because he did not take sides in the War of the Ring, so it didn't advance the narrative in a way that was appropriate for the cinematic format. This left the mystery of Bombadil intact. Now, this time, it's official, the character from The Lord of the Rings, Tom Bombadil, will indeed appear in season 2 of the Rings of Power.

The Rings of Power: An Answer to Tolkien's Enigma

Until now, the series has often allowed itself to answer questionsuntil then without response or even putting forward interpretations on Tolkien's universe which surprised/annoyed the reader. spectators/fans. In fact, one can wonder if, by displaying a character as enigmatic as Tom Bombadil, the series could afford to respond to this question. the question of its origins and its identity. Powers, origins and identity by Tom Bombadil are and remain enigmatic in The Lord of the Rings. For example, although Gandalf defeated a Balrogor that Galadriel can read minds and resist the attack. the temptation of the Ring, Tom Bombadil could apparently do all of this without much effort and perhaps even rival the power of Sauron. The corruption of the The One Ring does not affect him, he would be older than Middle Earth itself and he is described as “master of wood, water and hills”.

The Rings of Power: an answer to this Tolkien riddle

Its real nature remains a mystery However, Tolkien never indicated/confirmed if he was a Wizard, a Maia ora man. There is even a « fan theory » who suggests that he is the god of gods of this world when he wishes to visit Middle Earth. In fact,it may be difficult for the series to introduce this character without developing the (limited) details that Tolkien was able to provide, especially knowing that some spectators do not know the books.

The strange presence of Bombadil

One of the most difficult elements to complete. What we can tell about the character of Tom Bombadil in The Lord of the Rings is that he is strangely and continually joyful. This naive aspect comes as a surprise to middle of a relatively serious saga and much more first degree than a book like The Hobbit for example. In all likelihood, the presence ofBombadil is more of a message of hope addressed to people. to the readerthan anything else. Bombadil is there always and yet his joy, his good humor and the nature he represents have survived. all wars. Frodo and the Hobbits encounter him very early in the story because he has a warning function: no matter what happens or the outcome of their adventure or the power of the Ring, Bombadil and nature will always be there. after.

The Rings of Power: an answer to this Tolkien riddle

And there it is. that things become intriguing, since first of all the photo shows a less perky Bombadil than the one described in the books and above all, theshowrunner J.D. Payne revealed à Vanity Fair that Tom Bombadil will have an original storyin season 2 ofRings of Power.The showrunner of the series will therefore a priori allow himself to create a narrative arc which could reveal things about Tom Bombadil and therefore extend the universe and the rules put in place by Tolkien . Besides, from what we know, Bombadil will appear in the eastern part of Middle-earth called Rhûn, and in a new home which is not part of the canon. Bombadil's lair in The Community de l'Anneau was his cottage in the Old Forest, where he lived. he took care of nature with his wife. In this season 2 ofRings of Power, Tom will investigate the decline of nature towards the east and the darkness of the world. growing threat to Middle-earth.

The Rings of Power: an answer to this Tolkien riddle

The art of adapting Tolkien

In the books, Tom stood tall. away, refusing to participatein war councils or others and remained on his domain. He didn't want to attract attention or reveal much information about himself, and he quickly disappeared from history. The fact that here Bombadil leaves his domain implies that he departs from what Tolkien constructed around immutable nature free from the constraints of life. /p>

By being located &àgrave; Rhûn and by carrying out a form of active investigation, Tom could face the threat of crime. conflicts or magical-evil creatures, which could push him to commit suicide. exposing oneself, àgrav; reveal magical powers or details about one's past. We also know that Tom will be confronted with violence. &àgrave; abroad. This character is in all likelihood one of the Magicians of Middle-earth but his identity is unknown. exact remains unclear. Will it ultimately be Bombadil who will baptize him and reveal to us whether it is Gandalf or one of the little-known Blue magicians?

The Rings of Power: an answer to Tolkien's riddle

Whatever the actions that will surround the presence of Bombadil, it will be very difficult for the authors not to step outside the limits created by Tolkien. Whether he investigates, confronts adversaries, gets involved in a conflict, or advises the stranger on his nature,the showrunners necessarily take the side of creating around the characterand therefore bringing even a part of their response to this enigma as old as Middle Earth. Given the numerous criticisms they received in the first season, we can only wish them good luck in avoiding the traps they have set for themselves here.

The Rings of Power: a response to this question Tolkien's riddle

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