The Revolution: Netflix unveils the trailer for its new French series

The Revolution: the trailer for the new French series from Netflix Netflix makes its Revolution! In October, the platform will unveil its brand new French creation: La Révolution. A series that rewrites history and promises to be ambitious if we believe the very first trailer that has just been posted. A trailer which also allows you to discover the release date of the episodes.

Since it was launched in France, Netflix has multiplied projects with us, for the better but sometimes for the worse. If Marseille or Osmosis did not really unleash the crowds, other series were better received such as Plan Coeur, which was entitled to a special confinement episode, Mortel (a season 2 is in preparation), Family Business whose second season has just come out, or Marianne, canceled after one season. To continue in this direction, the platform is preparing many new productions, including a series that is already causing a lot of talk.

The Revolution unfolds

In The Revolution , Netflix is rewriting history. The action takes place in 1787, in France, and follows Joseph Guillotin. Whoever will invent the famous guillotine launches into an investigation to find the trace of a killer. But during his research, he will discover the existence of a virus, blue blood. The latter is spreading among the aristocrats and pushes them to attack the people. The revolt rumbles and the danger is omnipresent for all … A surprising intrigue that we owe to Aurélien Molas ( Une île , Trauma ), creator of the series. As for the casting? We will find Amir El Kacem ( Hippocrate ), Lionel Erdogan, Marilou Aussilloux, Laurent Lucas or even Julien Frison.

Release date revealed

This trailer also allows you to discover the release date of The Revolution on Netflix: see you on October 16 ! What to expect a busy month between the arrival of The Haunting of Bly Manor, season 6 of How to Get Away with Murder or the novelty Emily in Paris with Lily Collins. The Revolution will have 8 episodes.

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