The Resident: 5 secrets about the medical series

The Resident: 5 secrets about the medical series

The Resident: 5 secrets about the medical series

The Resident: 5 secrets on the medical series This Wednesday, September 9, TF1 broadcasts from 9:05 pm two new unpublished episodes of season 2 of The Resident. But do you really know the medical series with Matt Czuchry, Emily VanCamp and Manish Dayal? Here are 5 secrets about the show.

We are still passionate about medical series! After Grey's Anatomy, Good Doctor (season 3 of which arrives very soon on TF1) and New Amsterdam, TF1 launched The Resident, which conquered the French public. But you may not know everything about the show, which is in its 4th season in the United States.

1. The Resident is (in part) based on a true story

New Amsterdam is based on the story of a real doctor, but it's not the only medical series based on real events: The Resident is also based in part on a true story. In season 1, Nic (Emily VanCamp) decided to investigate the actions of oncologist Lane Hunter (Melina Kanakaredes) and revealed the huge fraud she had been guilty of. A story that really existed: a nurse uncovered the actions of Dr. Farid Fata. The latter was convicted in 2014 for having prescribed chemotherapy treatments to more than 550 patients in good health.

2. A character has changed face three times

Present in season 1 of The Resident before leaving the series, Claire Thorpe has changed her face several times. Originally, it was Valerie Cruz who played her in the pilot but the series then decided to replace her with Moran Atias. But when Merrin Dungey was recruited, the producers found the role of Thorpe to suit him better, and Moran Atias was ultimately selected to play Renata Morali.

The Resident: 5 secrets about the medical series

The Resident: Valerie Cruz, Moran Atias and Merrin Dungey

3. Conrad could have been very different

The Resident could have had another title and Conrad (Matt Czuchry) was very different. In 2016, the Showtime cable channel that aired Dexter or Homeland was planning a new original series called The City which later became The Resident . The character of Conrad was presented there as a ” difficult and brilliant doctor” but was in reality a ” true murderous psychopath “. We warned you that it had nothing to do with the Conrad we know and love!

4. The building that serves as the setting for the hospital is not one

The series is shot in Georgia and it is also there that we can see the building serving as the exterior decor of the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. But in reality, it is not a hospital at all! It is actually the High Museum of Art which is located in downtown Atlanta. The museum has also served as the setting for many films including Baby Driver , Black Panther , Divergente 3 and The Walking Dead series .

5. Season 3 will be shorter

After a season 1 of 14 episodes, season 2 of The Resident was much longer since it has 23 episodes. But season 3, currently airing on Warner TV in France, will have fewer episodes: 20 in total. Why ? Because of the coronavirus pandemic. As for Riverdale or Grey's Anatomy , filming was interrupted and three episodes were therefore deleted. The Resident is however already renewed for a season 4, expected for 2021 on FOX in the United States, and which will be interested in the coronavirus.

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