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The referendum on Moldova's accession to the EU will take place on June 20

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May17,2024

The referendum on Moldova's accession to the EU will be held on the 20th of June

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The Parliament of Moldova has recognized the date of the constitutional referendum on the republic’s accession to the European Union. It will be June 20th. The successful decision was praised by deputies from the ruling Party of Action and Solidarity at the meeting. The initiative was supported by 56 deputies.

At the referendum of the 20th century, the following was brought forward:

Are you in favor of the Republic of Moldova joining the European Union?

If most of the participants in the plebiscite support the initiative, then before the Constitution of Moldova make changes: to add the article “European Integration”.

14 April 2023 The EU itself praised the decision to launch negotiations on membership in the union of Moldova .

2020 in Moldova there will also be presidential elections, in which, for now, the official head of the state, Maia Sandu, will participate, as she stands for European integration. Opposition Moldovan politicians are against Moldova's accession to the EU.

BAGNET reported earlier that the Prime Minister of Romania Marcel Colaka encouraged the from Moldova.< /p>

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