The “referendum” in the Kharkiv region was to be held in November, and its “results” were already ready

The “referendum” in the Kharkiv region was to be held in November, and its “results” were already ready


The Kremlin has developed a “Strategy for holding a referendum on the entry of the Kharkiv region into the Russian Federation”.

According to Radio Liberty, journalists received a document from sources in the intelligence agencies, and it follows from it that “vote” was supposed to take place within 7 days, "for" were going to count 75% of the votes.

According to the document, “voting” was to take place over seven days from 1 to 7 November. The result, prescribed in the "Strategy", – 75% for joining Russia.

The document states that in general “vote” owe 142 thousand voters, of which more than 100 thousand are in favor.

"Strategy" was developed recently, since it shows a map of the front line as of August 24.

Among the risks noted by the organizers of the “referendum” are the lack of personnel for work in election commissions and the pro-Ukrainian sentiment of the population.< /strong>

The authors of the document proposed to promote the prospects of joining Russia with an emphasis on economic and social benefits and to support the thesis that the accession of the entire Kharkov region is inevitable.

In the “Strategy” painted several stages of the so-called PR campaign. Main slogans – "Say yes to Russia" and "Russia is here forever".

Promote “referendum” also planned with the help of Orthodox holidays. In particular, on September 21, in the Kharkiv region occupied at that time, a religious procession in support of him was to take place, and from November 1 to 6, on the days of the so-called “voting”, they had to take place every day.

The document also contains the so-called “referendum” anthem. with the words "Say yes to Russia. We are one people before God.”

September 11, the Russian edition of "Medusa" citing sources close to the presidential administration of Russia, wrote that the Kremlin decided to postpone the so-called “referenda” for an indefinite period; in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

According to the interlocutors of the publication, the only reason for the decision – this is a successful counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv direction.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, since September 6, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated about 400 settlements in the Kharkiv region, where 150 thousand people live.


Prepared by: Nina Petrovich