The recruitment of tutors takes shape for pupils in difficulty

The recruitment of tutors takes shape for pupils in difficulty

The recruitment of tutors to help students in difficulty in the school network is underway. The service will “gradually” be offered to young people over the next few weeks and will continue until June 2022.

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On January 8, the Minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, announced a series of assistance measures, including a new tutoring program that will be put in place by the end of the month, he said.

The objective: to give a helping hand to the students in order to help them catch up with their academic delay during this year turned upside down by the pandemic.

Mainly online

Nearly three weeks after this announcement, Quebec is calling on students, retirees, substitutes as well as volunteer school personnel to participate.

Volunteers will be able to register via the online platform “Respond now” or submit their application to their employer for school staff already in place.

The tutoring service will be mainly online, bringing together groups of four or five students each week who will have been identified by their teachers. Individual help may also be available. The tutors will be paid.

Minister Roberge is optimistic that the volunteers will be there to offer more than 220,000 hours of tutoring by the end of the year, he told the Journal.

Those already employed by a school service center will be able to get started quickly, while those coming from outside will have to undergo training once the hiring process is complete.

Mr. Roberge denies having delayed launching this program which will be implemented “gradually” in schools over the next few weeks.

“The funds are there, it can start very quickly,” said the minister who added that this initiative comes “after several other measures” put in place since the start of the school year.

Other aid measures

Additional funding of $ 12 million will also be granted to Tel-Jeunes and Allo-Prof in order to improve their services. The number of teacher-respondents will increase from 100 to 200 at Allo-Prof, which will also offer homework assistance services on Sundays.

Additional funds will also be available to increase mental health services in schools.

Nearly $ 38 million is planned for the implementation of these various assistance measures.

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