The records in sight of Messi and Cristiano in the World Cup in Qatar

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  • Messi and Cristiano's records in sight at the World Cup in Qatar

    Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are considered among the best footballers in history.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will not only join the “Club of the Five” -the players who have played in the most World Cups in history-, but they have new records in sight with which to leave their mark on the competition.

Messi:< /strong>

Most number of parties: Messi has played a total of 19 games spread over four World Cups, one less than Javier Mascherano, two less than Diego Maradona, in Argentina, and six less than the German Lothar Matthaus, who leads this classification. During the first phase he can become the Argentine with the most World Cup matches and, if he reaches the final, surpass Matthaus.

Greater number of victories. < /strong>The German Miroslav Klose accumulated a lot of money. 17 wins in four World Cups (from Korea-Japan 2002 to Brazil 2014). Messi has been twelve (2 in Germany 2006, 4 in South Africa 2010, 5 in Brazil 2014 and 1 in Russia 2018) He would have to get through the semifinal with the perfect pace.

First player to give assists in five World Cups. He is already the only one who gave assists in four World Cups (5) and can raise the bar. In addition, it is This led to three assists from Diego Maradona, who leads this relationship.

More matches as captain. The list of World Cup parties with the bracelet headed by the Mexican Rafael Márquez (17) and Diego Maradona (16) is also up. He is in danger, because Messi has 12 since in 2010 it was Maradona himself, then coach, who decided, first to name him second captain and, later, to give him the bracelet by not lining up Javier Mascherano against Greece, in the South African World Cup.

Longest time elapsed since the first goal in a World Cup and the last. Here. enters into direct competition with Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored the goal. His first goal was on June 17, 2006, just one day after “La Pulga” premiered against Serbia. Both are also favored by the change in World Cup dates, from summer to autumn.

– First Argentine to score in four World Cups. Maradona (1982, 86 and 94), Gabriel Batistuta (1994, 98 and 2002) did it in three World Cups. In addition, with six goals, Messi is on the right track. He beat two from Maradona and 4 from Batistuta to become the top Argentinian scorer in World Cups.


First than mark in 5 World Cups. Cristiano made his debut in 2019. He scored 16 years ago against Iran and, since then, he has not missed a date in any World Cup, with a total of 7 goals.

Portugal's top scorer in World Cups. With a goal in Germany 2006, another in South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014, plus 4 in Russia 2018, Ronaldo is looking forward to winning. He was only two goals out of the 9 he scored. the “black panther” Eusebio in England’66.

Captain more times in World Cups. In dispute with Leo Messi, Cristiano's eleven captaincies give him the chance to surpass Diego Maradona and even Márquez if he reaches the final. Cristiano made his debut As captain in his second World Cup, in South Africa 2010 (4 games), he continued his career. in Brazil 2014 (3) and in Russia 2018 (4).

Longest time elapsed between the first goal and the last goal in a World Cup. Leo Messi leads him in a single day (he scored on June 16, 2006) but Portugal plays all its first phase matches in Qatar 2022 two days after the Albiceleste.

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