The recklessness of Jerez is expensive for Márquez: they operate again and the World Cup is moving away

The recklessness of Jerez is expensive for Márquez: they operate again and the World Cup is moving away

After testing in Jerez and feeling pain, he underwent a checkup and his titanium plate on his right humerus was bent. Honda does not confirm if it is low for this weekend.

The recklessness of Jerez is expensive for Márquez: they operate again and the World Cup is moving away

A few hours earlier, Marc Márquez published a video on social networks of his constant activity in the gym. With a bandage on his right forearm, he would repeatedly lift a dumbbell and do a rowing exercise before indulging in massages from his physical therapist, Carlos Garcia . If a week ago he could get on his Honda and even try racing at Jerez, why wouldn't he beat himself up for a quick recovery? This Monday morning, Dr. Xavier Mir discovered why.

Before Márquez traveled to Brno, where this Sunday the MotoGP World Championship will play its third race, he had a check-up scheduled at the Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona and there the traumatologist confirmed to the rider that he had run too much. The titanium plate that he placed on his right humerus two weeks ago, after his fall in Jerez, was bent and the passage through the operating room was again irremediable.

Late at night, the Repsol Honda team reported the second operation: «Márquez underwent surgery for the second time on the right humerus this Monday, after the titanium plate was found to be damaged by accumulation of stress. Dr. Xavier Mir and his team from the Dexeus Hospital have successfully replaced the titanium plate and the pilot must now stay 48 hours before being discharged ”, he said in a letter, which left the participation of the current champion in the air on the air. Sunday test.

Force or give up

According to DAZN, owner of the audiovisual rights of the World Cup in Spain, Márquez will not be in Brno, but this Monday sources from the Repsol Honda team did not dare to corroborate that point. After seeing the rider race in Jerez two days after his first operation, everything is possible, but this second operation confirms that any overexertion has consequences and that the fracture of the right humerus must be treated with more care.

In case of not being able to participate in the race of the Czech Republic, Márquez will add his third zero of the year and will then be forced to decide. He could push again to arrive at the two appointments at the Spielberg circuit, in Austria, on August 16 and 23, or he could directly give up the season and return already on September 13 in Misano. By then, with six lost races of 14 total, the title of champion would be impossible, but he would already be at 100% to prepare for 2021.

«Marc underwent surgery 13 days ago and today he had to go under the knife again. The first operation was successful, what was not expected was that the plate was insufficient. An accumulation of stress in the operated area has caused the implant to give way, consequently a per-implant fracture has occurred, so today the titanium plate has been removed and replaced with a new fixation. The pilot has never felt pain during this period. You have always followed the medical instructions and the sensations of your body. Unfortunately, an overstress has caused this break. Now we have to wait 48 hours to calibrate the recovery time, “said Dr. Mir this Monday, who in the next few hours will return to assess the area and decide.

This time he will surely not allow Márquez heroics. After the first operation, as he showed in another video, he got out of bed and did some push-ups to show that he could return to Jerez to try to run. This time that recklessness will be on the minds of his entire team.

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