The rating of the best schools in Ukraine has been published

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Rating of the best schools of Ukraine published

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Education website .ua compiled a rating of the best institutions of general secondary education in Ukraine based on the results of the national multi-subject test in 2023.

This year's rating has certain features, as school graduates were tested under martial law, and instead of the traditional of the external independent assessment, the participants took a national multi-subject test.

The test included tasks from three subjects: two compulsory (Ukrainian language and mathematics) and one elective subject (history of Ukraine, biology, physics, chemistry, foreign languages ).

As last year, the national multitest was conducted in the form of computer testing using only closed-ended questions. 

The threshold score “pass/fail” has a significant impact on this year's rating, which in 2023 was set in advance and became significantly lower for some subjects than in previous years.

Thus, only 0.09% of participants did not overcome the “passed/failed” threshold in the Ukrainian language (7.3% in 2021), which affected the rating tables, since the rating includes participants who did not overcame the threshold score in the subject.

In addition, the ratings of  regions and regional centers were affected by the movement of students from many schools. Many graduates left their settlements and continued their studies in other regions of Ukraine or abroad.

Rating tables:

  • TOP-200 schools of Ukraine in the rating
  • The best schools of the capital of Ukraine
  • Ratings of schools of regional centers of Ukraine
  • Ratings of schools of regions of Ukraine
  • Ratings of schools by NMT subjects
  • Rating of regional centers according to results of NMT
  • Rating of regions according to the results of NMT

Educational institutions in the  rating tables are ranked according to the rating score, which is calculated on the basis of the average value of NMT points obtained by test participants in all subjects and taking into account the total number of tests completed by graduates of each schools.

The rating was compiled by using statistical data published by the Ukrainian Center for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education.

The rating was compiled for the first time since 2021. In 2022, the rating of general education institutions based on the results of the national multi-subject test was not completed due to hostilities.

TOP-20 lyceums of Ukraine:

The ranking of the best schools of Ukraine has been published

Prepared by Serhiy Daga