The rating of budget vehicles with air conditioning

Analysts portal “the Price of Cars” analyzed Russian automotive market. As a result, the experts made a rating of the budget cars with air conditioning.

Составлен рейтинг бюджетных автомобилей в России с кондиционером

Many motorists prefer comfort, so even when buying a cheap car I want to get the maximum benefits. Soon comes the summer, so the relevance of conditioning is growing every day. Experts have made a rating of the budget machines with this function. The first thing to pay attention to the LADA Granta sedan, which costs 530 rubles. In second place is the Datsun on-DO sedan. The vehicle is equipped not just with air conditioning and climate control, for which he will have to pay from 570 thousand rubles. Closes the three leaders of the hatchback Datsun mi-DO. The starting price for the car is 590 thousand rubles.

The fourth position went to LADA 4×4 in picking Luxe, worth 620 thousand rubles. The fifth line of the Renault Logan in the configuration Life. Paying 30 thousand rubles, the owner will receive the welcome air conditioning. The total cost of the car is 675 thousand rubles. The TOP 10 also included: Lifan Solano (680 rubles), LADA Largus (685 thousand), Renault Sandero (687 thousand), Lifan X50 (690 thousand) and LADA XRAY (697 thousand).

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