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The ranking of the most hated celebrities in the world has just been released

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May22,2024

Less popular than the ranking of the world's favorite personalities, that of the most hated celebrities, has just been released. And the big loser is an actress who already has a job. Summer victim of denigration.

The ranking of the most hated celebrities in the world has just been released

The ranking of the most hated celebrities, a sad reward

Each year, the ranking of the French people's favorite personalities rewards the person who has made an impact. the hearts of voters. And very often, we find the same people in the first places, like Jean-Jacques Goldmann, winner in 2023 and for the thirteenth time, or even the actor Omar Sy.

On the other hand, the ranking of the most hated personalities is less known and referenced. In France, there are stars like Kev Adams, Nabilla, and G&eac;rard Depardieu. But what about? on a global scale?

The ranking of the most hated celebrities in the world has just been released

the top 30 celebrities ;Most Hated Brits of 2024, The Loser Didn't Need It

The polling site Ranker published early May its top of the 30 most hated celebrities of 2024,based on 400,000 votes from 31,000 internet users. And it'sAmber Heard who comes at the top of this ranking, ahead of  Meghan Markle, also a victim of cyberharassment.

Two women denigrated and victims ofcancel culture who appearfar in front of other personalities yet accused of physical or sexual assault,such as Woody Allen (accused in 2018 of sexual abuse by touching his adopted daughter), Chris Brown (who attacked and hit his ex-girlfriend Rihanna), Bill Cosby (accused of multiple rapes), or even P.Diddy, also accused of of several rapes, and which recently shocked in a video from the archives, dating from 2016, in which we see him beating up singer and ex-girlfriend Cassie.

Despite At the end of her trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, Amber Heard's life still does not seem to have taken the path of tranquility. As a reminder, two years ago, the actor and star of Pirates of the Caribbean attacked the young woman for defamationafter she implied that he had inflicted the crime on her. domestic and sexual violence. During the legal battle, Amber Heard endured a massive smear campaign and suffered unprecedented online harassment, when — on the contrary — the 60-year-old actor was supported by a cohort of fans.

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A lawsuit lost by the actress of Aquaman who was sentenced to pay the sum of 10 million dollars and interest to the the Hollywood actor. Since then the career of the American actress has always been at a standstill. We recall that his screen time inAquaman 2was reduced to 10 short minutesafter his scenes were released. cut during editing. Since then, Amber Heard has started to work. away from the Hollywood tumults in Spain, where she tries to rebuild her health, under a false name.

Despite this Everything, two years later, the legal standoff still has its effects. The action filmThe Fall Guy by David Leitch, with Ryan Gosling, was released recently. made an awkward reference, which earned him harsh criticism.

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