The Rada of the European Union approved the visa regime exemption for Russia

The Rada of the European Union approved the visa regime exemption for Russia

The Rada ЄС has resumed the forgiveness of the visa regime with Russia

Friday, September 9, the Rada of the European Union has reaffirmed its decision about the forgiveness of the visa regime in Russia.

As reported by Ukrіnform, about it is reported on the site for the sake of EU.

In this way, the citizens of the Russian Federation will expand the rules of the visa code.

“The Rada of the European Union today praised the decision, as if I were repeating the pleasing of the easement of the visa regime between the EU and Russia. Obviously, the citizens of Russia are subject to all relevant rules of the visa code. To increase the fee for applying for a visa from 35 to 80 euros, due to the need for additional documentary evidence, to increase the terms for processing a visa, and to make more intermediate rules for issuing bagatariat visas,” – go to the advisory.

As having respected the drive of the minister of internal affairs heading in the EU of the Czech Republic Vit Rakushan, For the sake of easing the visa regime, we grant privileges access to the EU for the citizens of the country-partners, as they are rooted in trust. “By framing unprovoked and unprovoked war, including unprovoked attacks against the civilian population, Russia destroyed such trust and destroyed the fundamental values ​​of the international trade union. Today's decision is a direct legacy of Russian Russia and another proof of our unstoppable support of Ukraine and its people,” said Vin.

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As a matter of fact, for the sake of the EU, the decision will be publicized in the Official Journal of the European Union today, 9 September. There will be ceremoniality from the day of praise and zastosovuvatimetsya from the 12th of spring 2022.

Yak Povidomlyav Ukrinform, Minstrostonnnaya reference core єs pіd an hour of informal Zustychi at the forefront 31 sickles of half a pelvic about the pre -abundance of the vizoval regime є є iz igs.

In addition, the ministers decided not to recognize Russian passports that were seen on the time-saving territories of Ukraine.

From the 1st day of the month of 2007, there were short-term visas in Russia with a transfer of no more than 90 db in a period of 180 db. , ЄС having completed the intermediary visits against the citizens of Russia, including private appointments about the visa regime for diplomats, officials and businessmen in the Russian Federation. Seeing such a tendency to expand on all the inhabitants of the aggressor land.