The question that bothered Tite after the criticism he received for including Dani Alves in Brazil's list for the Qatar World Cup

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The coach was upset when asked about the inclusion of the 39-year-old defender and lashed out on social media. The absences of Firmino and Gabigol. In addition, he believed that his squad is better than in the last World Cup

The question about Dani Alves' call that bothered Tite

Brazil is one of the great candidates in the next World Cup in Qatar and this Monday its coach, Tite announced the list of 26 players in which the surprising presence of Dani Alves, the 39-year-old defender, who will play his third World Cup. His inclusion generated controversy among many torcedores and was one of the questions they asked the technical director, who was annoyed when they raised the negative reaction on social networks for the citation of the current Pumas de UNAM player in Mexico.

A journalist asked him about the inclusion of Alves and the strategist did not like it: “In the networks we did a survey on whether they agree with Dani Alves going to the Cup. 89.7 (percentage) say no and only 10 It says yes. So, why are you going to the World Cup, how do you see this opinion of the fans?

The DT took a second and replied: “Patricia, good afternoon. Couldn't you ask a question of your own without hooking people? I'll explain why (Dani Alves goes to the World Cup). What a reference is Twitter with the millions of fans that Brazil has. I did not come here to please people who are on Twitter or social networks and who express themselves.”

The question that bothered Tite after the criticism he received for including Dani Alves in Brazil's list for the World Cup in Qatar

At 39, Dani Alves will play his third World Cup (REUTERS/Washington Alves)

Tite, 61, did not give credit to the votes on social networks because “in that percentage I don't know who is Brazilian either. Why do they have to lash out at that? I don't know what percentage this public is that criticizes Dani Alves' call, I respect divergent opinions and I'm not here to convince all those people, I don't have that claim and I don't want to, I just want to pass on true data so that people can do their analysis and democratically form their opinion. It is our role here to pass on that information. Now, the opinion on that is of each one”.

Then he justified about Alves that “the technical and individual quality that Dani provides is impressive. He is an organizer, articulator. That is his role, that is what he can bring us”. In addition, he explained that the current Pumas player “is still one of the team's captains.”

Dani Alves will play his third World Cup after South Africa 2010 and Brazil 2014. Although Tite left out of Russia 2018, the coach gave him a chance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the team won the second gold medal in that competition.

The question that bothered Tite after the criticism he received for including Dani Alves in Brazil's list for the Qatar World Cup

Tite's squad for Qatar

Although Tite's list also generated controversy due to the removal of figures such as Gabigol < /b>(Flamengo), Matheus Cunha(Atletico Madrid), Roberto Firmino (Liverpool), Gabriel Magalhaes (Arsenal) and Guilherme Arana (Athletic Mineiro). Neither will Coutinho (Aston Villa), but his absence had already been confirmed due to injury.

When asked about the absences of important figures, he justified that “I'm not saying the team is going to win, but the team is stronger, more structured. And humanly more involved, athletes know how we work. The team arrives firmer, stronger and more consistent for the World Cup, ”said the Canarinha coach who, in his six years in charge, recorded 58 wins, 13 draws and only 5 losses. Their roster for Qatar features nine forwards.

Brazil will debut on Thursday November 24 at the Lusail Stadium against Serbia for the first day of Group G. Four days later they will play against Switzerland for the second date and will close the first phase of the competition on Friday, December 2 when they face Cameroon.

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