the quack that made the graves of the suicide bombers of November 13, 2015 identifiable

September 13, 2021 by archyde

It is a quack that Brussels would have done well, at the time where the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris begins. Brahim Abdeslam (brother of Salah Abdeslam), Bilal Hadfi, Chakib Akrouh, three of the Belgian terrorists of November 13, 2015 are buried in the multi-faith cemetery in Brussels. And to avoid any form of macabre tourism, any form of idolatry, their tomb has been anonymized. But for a few days, they could be identified.

In order to allow relatives and acquaintances to meditate, the cemetery’s website has been offering a module for the last few days to locate the tomb of any of its 5,000 deceased. Anyone who died, even those three suicide bombers. As a reminder, the first blew himself up in one of the cafes on Boulevard Voltaire, Bilal Hadfi near the Stade de France and Chakib Akrouh during the assault policeman a few days later from the hiding place of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, organizer of the attacks. The search tool offered by the cemetery site gives the possibility of knowing the plot, the driveway and the number of their grave. Anonymity that no longer exists.

The terrorists of March 22

RTBF called on the president of the inter-municipal burial in charge of the cemetery located in Evere. Hicham Chakir (PS) explains that this is a regrettable initiative of the staff. The file of the deceased was put online at the beginning of last week, unfortunately without cleaning. “I am totally against“, indicates the political leader of this institution which brings together Muslim, Jewish and Christian plots.”I wish the anonymity of these graves. I will ensure that it is deleted, at least the names of the people concerned.

The people concerned are not only the jihadists of November 13 but also those of March 22, 2016, during the attacks in Brussels. Ibrahim El Bakraoui is buried there as Khalid Ben Larbi, member of the cell of Verviers, died during the assault of the special forces in January 2015. All these names are now removed from the file accessible online.

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