The PVO BF has worked refueling in the air over the Kaliningrad oblast

Naval aviation of the Baltic fleet worked aerial refueling. Just the exercise was attended by 10 aircraft.

Летчики ПВО БФ отработали дозаправку в воздухе над Калининградской областью

Refueling in the skies above Kaliningrad oblast worked naval aviation of the Baltic fleet, composed of multi-role fighters su-30CM and tactical bombers su-24M, the fuel for which was supplied by tanker aircraft Il-78. The exercise involved 10 planes, which acted either alone or in pairs. Air refueling is a critical element of flight training, which only allow pilots 1 and 2 classes with more than 400 hours of flying time. This skill is essential, because it allows to significantly increase the range of use of aircraft.

Earlier, the press service of the German air force has published a report on the training with the pilots of partner countries in NATO, accompanied by their pictures refuel fighters in the air.

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