The purslane coach relies on the advantage of the first leg to dream of the star.

The purslane coach relies on the advantage of the first leg to dream of the star.

Atlético Nacional will search on Sunday, at 7 p.m. m. (Win Sports+) their seventeenth title in the Colombian league when they visit Deportes Tolima in the second leg of the final, which despite having lost 3-1 in the first leg, refuses to give up and will fight against your audience.

The purslane, led by Hernán Darío 'el Arriero' Herrera, will try to maintain the difference and for this the strategist will have all his men, since the team reaches the final match without any footballer injured or suspended.< /p> Dimayor resolves Sports Tolima's request for a sanction against Giovanni Moreno. Does Yerson Candelo's goal with Nacional go directly to Puskás? Fifa is pronounced

Before the match, Herrera was confident in the result achieved in the first leg.

'Nacional will culminate the entire process of the semester with the title'

Coach Purslane leans on the advantage of the first leg to dream of the star.

Feelings of reaching the final

“It is a great pride to be in charge of this team. It has been a good campaign, very good performances. Tomorrow we are going to finish the whole process of the semester. God grant that we finish it well against a very complicated rival.

Will Andrade or Guzmán play?

“Tomorrow I don't know which one is going to come out. I have a coaching staff that studies and analyzes at night. We'll see who will start tomorrow.”

Will the National team play well?

“Sometimes the finals are played differently. They are tough. They are difficult. Both teams want to win. Sometimes you can play beautifully, sometimes not. Depending on what Tolima proposes, I will react.”

The message for the purslane fan

“The reception from the people is impressive. One for the fans, for the fans of Nacional, they play it all. With that spirit with which they sing the songs , because of the way they motivate us… there is no other way to respond”.

You debuted against Tolima as a player. Now he could be champion against the same team…

“When I was playing we were doing very well against Tolima. In my time we always won. Now, as a coach, we will have to defend what we did in the previous game.”

Does Dorlan Pabón have any injuries?

“Dorlan is fine. You see him in games running like a player 20 years old”.

How do you imagine the second leg?

“Tolima has the need. Even so, we are not going to trust anything “I have a team that brings out its caste in the most difficult games. As the game progresses we will see what the rival proposes. We hope to play a good game and win the title.”

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