The publication of the foundations of the sentence against Cristina Kirchner divides Argentina again

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The publication of the grounds for the sentence against Cristina Kirchner divides Argentina again

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Argentina this Thursday he returned to express his antagonisms when learning the grounds of a Federal Court of the sentence to six years in prison and perpetual disqualification from holding public office that the current has received Vice President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. “An act of state corruption It was not a huge loss”, the court stated. The right-wing opposition has celebrated the content of a text of almost 1600 pages. For the magistrates, during the presidencies of Fernández de Kirchner (2007-15) it was created a “Trojan horse” to hide the deals with public works that had Lázaro Báez as a special beneficiary >, a former bank employee from the Patagonian province of Santa Cruz that Néstor Kirchner governed before becoming national government in 2003. On the contrary, the Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro,has considered that the judiciary “again demonstrates its disciplinary role” against Peronism, currently in power and with few options of retaining it in the October general elections.

The vice president's supporters, led by the youth group La Cámpora , held a vigil in front of the Supreme Court building. “Fuck the ban“, was the slogan. Fernández de Kirchner maintains that she has been placed in front of “a firing squad & rdquor; What was formed? on the basis of “invented facts, concealment of others, misrepresentations and lies”. The assassination attempt against him and the sentence are, in his opinion, sides of the same coin.

De Pedro has deepened that reasoning: “For us it is another day of persecution for the prisoner. n“. He has recalled in this regard that on March 9, 1956, the dictatorship that overthrew & oacute; to the general Juan Perón forbade the not only the symbols of that political movement, but that he was named in public. “For a long time we have warned that what once were coups d'état with the use of the Armed Forces to discipline the political forces today is done through the media and the Judiciary.”

Strictly speaking, for Fernández de Kirchner to be disqualified, his sentence must be final, that is, ratified by a court of second instance and later by the Supreme Court. She excluded herself from she to participate in the elections, but Kirchnerism demands that she review that position. If it does, it will be demonstrated that she has not yet been taken out of the electoral game.

Conflicting Interpretations

For now, his defense lawyers are in a position to appeal the ruling as of this Thursday. “In an unprecedented way, instead of the relationship of distance and control that should have marked the link between the public and private dimensions, here we have seen a promiscuous and absolute confusion between both spheres, marked by spurious agreements between the interested persons tending to ensure pecuniary benefits in favor of those named according to their nature and entity”, the opinion indicates. “We have found ourselves before an unprecedented event in the history of the country.” The judges have, however, ruled out the figure of the illicit association presented by the prosecution.

In turn, they have affirmed that there is no electoral speculationin the sentence. The vice president, they say, has carried out “a media and extrajudicial defense” with “confidence.” Fernández de Kirchner's speech is “a cliché of any former or current public official charged in a criminal case.” In this sense, they maintain that the “lawfare”, as the acts of politicization of justice are called that were also experienced in Brazil with Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva when he was convicted in a case that later had to be condemned. be annulled, it is an invention. Supporters of Fernández de Kirchner often compare her situation to that of Lula.

The right-wing deputy, Fernando Iglesias, has defended the ruling. “Condemned, no outlawed”. His colleague from the bench, Mario Negro, has written on Twitter: “Justice or corruption”.

The vice president's lawyers have instead been conclusive: the federal court's argument is “fallacious.” “They seek to sentence something else with the persecution of CFK with the assembly of causes. There is no doubt that there is another sentence: bury the 12 years of the government project of Néstor and Cristina and demonize what that symbolizes and represents ” , stated the Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis.