The Prosecutor's Office investigates the alleged existence of a network that harasses soldiers with intimate photos

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The case, for the moment, is assigned to the Gaula's elite 24th Prosecutor's Office, this entity seeks to know if he is the only victim or if there are more soldiers being attacked by those criminals

Prosecutor's Office investigates alleged existence of a network that harasses military with intimate photos

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The extortion case against a colonel of the National Army has the authorities in an investigation that seeks to clarify the existence of an alleged criminal network that would be harassing uniformed personnel from that institution with intimate photos and videos. The colonel, who gave his version of the events to the newspaper El Tiempo, has been a victim of this for seven years. In addition to threatening to make personal content public, they have stolen money from him. What is particular about the case is that whoever threatens him has exclusive information about what is happening within that armed force, which is why they investigate alleged complicity from within.

Everything It started, he told the national newspaper, when he was 25 years old. At that time, an 18-year-old girl wrote to him through Facebook to create a plan to take revenge on her boyfriend, because he was supposedly being unfaithful to her with the uniformed man's partner. Since then, the relationship between the two became closer, so much so that they began to have a long-distance love relationship.

Natalia, as the woman who contacted him called herself, began to request images of her body from the colonel, to which he agreed at the time, since it was all part of the sexting dynamic they maintained . Time passed, and after a failed attempt to meet in person, the woman confessed that her real name was Tatiana and that she was actually 15 years old. Immediately afterwards, a man, who introduced himself as the father of the minor, demanded money to pay for the treatment of the young woman who, according to him, suffered from Leukemia.

They demanded eight million pesos from him and told him that, if he did not pay them, the photos he had sent to Tatiana would be published on the internet. Given the constant harassment, the colonel said, he agreed to pay that amount of money with the bonus he received for Christmas. Although he thought that everything would end there, just weeks later they asked him for the same amount of money again. At the time, he told them that he did not have that money, to which they told him to access the savings he had with the Army.

“ They knew that I had savings in the Caja de Honor, which is savings in the Army, for exactly the amount they were asking me for. And since this money can only be used for housing, they sent me some deeds so that I could request the withdrawal, “he commented in his conversation with the newspaper El Tiempo.

“When I told them that I had no more resources, they passed papers in my name to a cooperative so that they would grant me a loan for 6 million pesos. And they managed another one for 50 million more pesos. My dad began to notice that he was pushing me away, that he was quiet and isolated. He began to find out and managed to stop the disbursement of 50 million. There I told him everything ”, he added. He also recounted that they threatened to share his photos in WhatsApp groups of members of the Army.

The harassment finally came to fruition, and her photos ended up being published. When he thought that everything was over, in 2014, when he was taking the course to be promoted to captain, he was contacted again, this time, for even more intrusive reasons. Under the idea of ​​not harming his progress in that force, they forced him to marry a woman he didn't even know. He went to a notary in Puerto Berrío, place where the bride did not arrive but where a lawyer did arrive on her behalf. All of this was in order for the bride, by law, to access the family allowance that would correspond to her as a soldier's wife.

The lawyer arrived at the premises with a power arranged to be signed by him and the civil registry of a child. After the improvised ceremony, the man received notification of a lawsuit for the minor's food. When he completed the process to cancel the civil registry, the intimate photos that he had shared with Tatiana circulated again. Likewise, attacks against him accusing him of being a “child rapist” and a “bad father.” They also accused him of revealing classified national security information.

The case, for the moment, is assigned to the Gaula's elite 24th Prosecutor's Office, this entity seeks to know if he is the only victim or if there are more soldiers being attacked by those criminals. The colonel had to undergo psychological therapy.