The Prosecutor's Office filed a request for 36 months of preventive detention against Yenifer Paredes

The Prosecutor's Office filed a request for 36 months of preventive detention against Yenifer Paredes

The measure also includes the mayor of Anguía, José Medina Guerrero, for the investigation of an alleged irregular tender in his district.

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The Prosecutor's Office filed a request for 36 months of preventive detention against Yenifer Paredes

Yenifer Paredes turned herself in to the authorities after 10 days of preliminary detention were issued against her. (Photo: AFP)/

The Public Ministry presented its request for 36 months of preventive detention against Yenifer Paredes, sister-in-law of the president Pedro Castillo, the brothers Hugo and Angie Espino Lucana and the mayor of the district of Anguía (Cajamarca), José Nenil Medina Guerrero.< /b>

This was reported by James Reátegui, representative of the Public Ministry, during the appeal hearing on the preliminary arrest of Paredes Narro before the Second Criminal Appeals Chamber of the National Superior Court.

During the session, the prosecutor presented the document presented before the Eighth National Preparatory Investigation Court, which entered the parties table at 5:49 p.m.

As it is recalled, the four are currently under a preliminary arrest warrant for 10 days, as part of the investigation that follows them for integrating an alleged criminal organization.

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According to El Comercio, the special team of prosecutors headed by Marita Barreto has raised this restriction after the brothers Angie and Hugo Espino Lucana accepted the figure of sincere confession

The testimony of the alleged figureheads of the criminal organization led by Pedro Castillo -according to the prosecution's suspicions- is that Yenifer Paredes and José Medina were behind the work of installing a drinking water and sanitation system that the company of the Espino Lucana family won in Anguía.

Even Pedro Castillo

According to the prosecution's thesis, said criminal organization would have a structure that would be led by Castillo Terrones and made up of the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Geiner Alvarado.

Yenifer ParedesShe turned herself in to the authorities of the Public Ministry, after the Special Team of Prosecutors and the Police did not find her during an operation in the Government Palace on August 9.

The sister of the first lady Lilia Paredes is investigated for alleged influence peddling related to the offer of a sanitary work that she did in a district of Chota, Cajamarca, in December 2021 .

This case is in charge of the sixth office of the First Prosecutor's Office Specialized in Corruption Crimes of Officials of Lima, in charge of prosecutor Jony Peña.

Yenifer Paredes and her video in Chadín

The Sunday Fourth Estate revealed on July 3 that Yenifer Paredes appeared in the area of ​​the district of Chadín without mentioning whether it is in the name of the State, and requested personal data from the neighbors, to whom he offered and guaranteed a sanitation work.

In the video released by the program, the sister of Lilia Paredes was accompanied by Hugo Espino Lucana, general manager and founding partner of the company JJM Espino Engineering and Construction S.A.C.

In addition, the newspaper El Comercio revealed last February that the aforementioned company < u>Won a tender with the Peruvian State in September 2021 in the province of Cajatambo for more than S/3,800,000..