The Prosecutor's Office asks that Geiner Alvarado not be able to leave the country for 36 months

The Prosecutor's Office asks that Geiner Alvarado not be able to leave the country for 36 months

Process. Migrations issued an alert last Thursday at its checkpoints. The recently censored head of the MTC is being investigated for events that occurred during his tenure in the Housing sector.

  • Congress censures Minister Geiner Alvarado and he must leave office
  • “I have no doubt, the president [Pedro Castillo] is the mediate author of this criminal plan”

The Prosecutor's Office asks that Geiner Alvarado not be able to leave the country for 36 months

A Supreme Court will evaluate next Wednesday the 21st the prosecutor's request to prevent Alvarado from leaving the country. (Photo: Presidency of the Republic)/

The National Prosecutor's Office requested the Judiciary to issue a 36-month ban on leaving the country against the recently censured Minister of Transport and Communications, Geiner Alvarado López, who is being investigated as the alleged operator of a criminal organization headed by President Pedro Castillo Terrones.

The decision of the Public Ministry was finalized last Thursday, minutes after Congress censured Alvarado, since as Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation – a portfolio he held for a year – he would have committed irregular acts in favor of the entrenched criminal network. in the Executive, in addition to other political aspects.

The decision of the prosecution to request the restrictive measure was adopted in order to protect the investigation after Alvarado's removal from ministerial office.

The former Minister of Housing is being investigated for the alleged crime of criminal organization, together with Castillo, for allegedly having arranged for officials and businessmen to benefit from projects tendered in the Municipality of Anguía (Chota, Cajamarca), Chachapoyas (Amazonas) and others.< /p>

Hours later, the National Immigration Superintendency issued an informative alert about Alvarado at its immigration and border checkpoints, at the request of the president of the Congressional Oversight Commission, Héctor Ventura. This, in order to be attentive to his possible departure from the country. Said measure is applied to border posts, but not to domestic flights.

In the document that Ventura sent to Immigration, it is substantiated that Alvarado would have committed acts illegal “against the correct administration of resources in their management”.

The Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation scheduled for Wednesday, September 21, the hearing in which it will evaluate the prosecution's request against Alvarado.

Prosecutor hypothesis

that syndicates him as one of the main members of the criminal organization.

According to the preliminary investigation opened against him, in his capacity as Minister of Housing he would have issued Emergency Decree 102-2021, through which the projects were defined that they should be developed or financed with the State budget; among which were illicitly arranged works.

To do this, they would have used front companies, such as JJM Espino Engineering and Construction S.A.C. and Destcon Ingenieros y Arquitectos S.A.C., of the brothers Hugo and Anggi Espino Lucana, who are subject to a special process of sincere confession.

Between The works in which they would have acted irregularly, according to the prosecution, include the sanitation project in the hamlets of Succha, Chontas and La Palma, in Chadín (Cajamarca).

Although the Attorney General's Office is investigating Castillo and Alvarado, due to their status as high-ranking officials, the first lady Lilia Paredes, her sister Yenifer Paredes, as well as the mayor of Anguía (Chota), José Medina, are investigated by the Special Team of Prosecutors against the Corruption of Power.

It will be raided

Lawyer Percy Ipanaqué, Alvarado's defender, announced that they will acquiesce to the requirement to prevent them from leaving the country. “The position of the defense of Mr. Alvarado is respectful of the powers of the Public Ministry, which is requesting before the court an exit impediment, for which reason [Alvarado] is already announcing that he is going to acquiesce to the request, since is minimally intended to hinder the investigation,” he said.

Ipanaqué indicated that his client is the most interested in the truth coming to light. He added that Alvarado is not afraid of the investigation.


Geiner Alvarado must attend this Friday before the Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation in order to expand his statement in the investigation against him.

His lawyer Percy Ipanaqué announced that Alvarado will attend to the tax summons.

President Pedro Castillo has already been summoned to testify about this investigation. Although he attended the subpoena, he did not testify.

Expert opinion

“It ceases to be an active piece”

The criminal lawyer Carlos Caro considers that the censorship of the head of the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) is an “incentive” for the prosecution, since “it ceases to be an active member of the alleged criminal organization that the president would lead.”

“The ministers have no protection beyond the constitutional trial, but in a preliminary investigation the prosecution can request the impediment of leaving the country, or even, as in the case of former minister Juan Silva, preliminary detention,” he explained.