The Prosecutor's Office accelerates the prosecution of Luz Fabiola Rubiano for racist insults towards Francia Márquez

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The investigative body chose to deliver an indictment, with which the defendant could go to trial next weekend

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Prosecutor accelerates the prosecution of Luz Fabiola Rubiano for racist insults towards Francia Márquez

Prosecutor accelerates the prosecution of Luz Fabiola Rubiano for the racist insults towards Francia Márquez. (Facebook)

The Attorney General's Office will speed up the judicial process against Luz Fabiola Rubiano, the woman who insulted Vice President Francia Márquez and the Afro-descendant community during the demonstrations against the national government. The investigative body decided to use the abbreviated process to move forward with the accusation hearing at once.

At 2:00 in the afternoon next Friday, September 25, the hearing of indictment for the charges of discrimination and aggravated harassment; however, the Prosecutor's Office opted to deliver an indictment document around 8:30 in the morning. The defendant will have the opportunity to review the document and decide whether or not she accepts the crimes for which she is being investigated.

This document allows the entity to skip the preliminary stages in which it exposes the complete theory for which the investigated should be sentenced, taking into account that the racist statements were recorded on social networks. Thus, the procedure on Friday will proceed as normal and will only be postponed in the event that the defendant no longer appears.

Although Rubiano's defense attorney< /b>He confirmed that he would attend the diligence, the woman's trial would be very close with the accelerator of the Prosecutor's Office. El Espectador commented that the judicial proceeding could be next weekend.

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It is important to remember that racism cases have rarely prospered to reach a trial stage. An example of this were the racist insults made by the singer Marbelle and the congressman Miguel Polo Polo against Francia Márquez and for which they ended up publicly retracting.

In the case of Luz Fabiola Rubiano, the decision to reconcile was not possible. “Indeed, I realized that reconciling and asking him to retract does not prevent the rest of society from continuing to engage in criminal behavior such as racial hatred,” explained the senior official in a interview with RTVC. Thus, with the judicial process, the authorities would set a precedent by imposing “the sanctions that the Law establishes”.

The words of Luz Fabiola Rubiano and the position of the Prosecutor's Office

The events were recorded on video by the alternative media Diaspora Social. In the interview, the protester insulted the vice president and questioned her political promotion. “And that ape, who, because he put in a million votes, is considered the barraca of the promenade, poor ape, the apes ruling”, said Luz Fabiola Rubiano, who at that time called herself Esperanza Castro.

“Francia Márquez is an ape. What education can a black have. Blacks steal, rob and kill, what education do they have?! ”: with those words she continued to attack the vice president and the black community. In addition, he said that supposedly “President Gustavo Petro is linked to cases of corruption in Venezuela,” called him a “guerrilla” and asserted that the current government is communist. , as well as many of his proposals.

After the controversy, the authorities were quite agile in the process of capturing Rubiano. The attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, assured at the end of September that “it is not possible to accept in Colombia any expression that promotes racism or any type of violation of populations that have been discriminated against.” For that reason, the case remains a high priority.