The prolonged magnetic storm 2020: what is the impact on human health

Try these days to reduce physical and emotional stress

Barbara Levskaya

Today, April 27, is expected to be the prolonged magnetic storm 2020. This will be a particularly difficult time for weather-sensitive and the elderly. Magnetic storm will last until April 30, with 28 and 29 April, a geomagnetic storm will subside a bit. These days people often complain about health problems.

We found the effect of magnetic storm on human health.

The major symptoms during magnetic storms

Magnetic storms have not been the most positive impact. In this case the strongest it feel people with mental disorders, cardiovascular illnesses, high or low blood pressure.

Самая затяжная магнитная буря 2020: как влияет на здоровье человека

During magnetic storms can be a headache

Among the main symptoms are when geomagnetic storms – headaches, dizziness, pressure fluctuations, tachycardia, pain in the joints. In addition, a person may feel tired, constantly wanting to sleep or suffer from insomnia.

How to improve the state of health during magnetic storms

Doctors recommend to sleep well, not drink alcohol, not overeating and getting outside in the fresh air.

Also try these days to reduce physical and emotional stress. Try to minimize the consumption or to refuse at all from coffee, strong tea, energy drinks, strong spices and alcohol. While stress fruit.

Try not to make any sudden movements, especially when up – there is a risk to feel dizzy or cause headaches.

Those who goes on the road, you need to be extremely careful driving, the focus can be degraded.

How to survive the magnetic storms – see the video:

Necessary measures during magnetic storms

  • Ventilate the room
  • Meditate or practice other relaxation practices
  • Drink herbal teas and infusions
  • Replace fatty and spicy foods for maximum benefit.

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