The project to eliminate the privileges of self-government of Disney in Florida advances

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The governor presented details of the plan that includes the creation of an oversight committee over the area

Advances the bill to eliminate Disney's self-government privileges in Florida


Soledad CedroFrom Miami, Florida, United States< /i>

Plan to remove Disney's home-government privileges in Florida advances

Disney is the largest private employer in the state (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey, File)

The fight of Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, with the company that is the main employer of his state, Disney World (owner in the southern state of the famous parks of diversions), enters a new chapter with the beginning of the execution of the promised plan to end the self-governance of the parks.

Until now, and by an agreement with the state that dates back several decades, the entire region of the Central Florida, close to the city of Orlando, where the Disney amusement parks are located, had a special legal status that allowed them to have their own rules, their own police and even a judicial system to misdemeanors.Those days seem to be coming to an end since DeSantis took aim at the Disney company (which he accuses of imposing a liberal agenda on minors) widely criticized him for the so-called “Don't Say Gay” law supported by the Republican < /b>(Which eliminates sex and gender education in Florida schools for children under 8 years old).

Project to Eliminate Disney's Home Rule Privileges in Florida Moves Forward

Some believe DeSantis' confrontation with Disney is part of the so-called "Culture Wars" from the governor (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, file)

Last year DeSantis announced with much fanfare that he would end Disney's self-government. On Monday, he gave more details of how he intends to do it under the new reedy Creek bill.

DeSantis announced that they plan to create a new district, Reedy Creek, on which there will be a five-person regulatory board that will represent him before the state. The thing is, the members of that board can only be appointed by the governor and ratified by the state Senate. Also, no one who has worked for Disney in the last three years can be a member, taking away the company's power over this group.

Plan to remove Disney's home-government privileges in Florida moves forward

Disney's amusement parks are Florida's top tourist attraction (Courtney Kiefer, Photographer)

While there are no details yet, it is expected that there will be changes regarding taxation concerning this region.

Some fear that an even stronger confrontation with Disney could create trouble for Florida. If, in an extreme case, the company decided to leave, it would create an economic hole for the center of the state. Others believe that leaving is unfeasible, because moving what they have is too expensive.

DeSantis's proposed law must be approved by the state Congress, which begins session in March. It is expected that there will be no resistance to the project since both chambers have a large Republican majority, aligned with the governor.

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