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The project to create a new intercontinental missile of the USA increased in price by 81%

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul8,2024

Project the creation of a new US intercontinental missile has increased in price by 81%

The cost of the project to develop the American intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) LGM-35A Sentinel has increased by 81% compared to the initial estimate and is $151 billion, Bloomberg reported.< /p>

The Sentinel is to replace the LGM-30G Minuteman III, which has been in service with the US Air Force since 1970. Its developer and manufacturer – Northrop Grumman Corporation. It is planned that all 400 Minuteman III will be completely replaced by the Sentinel by the mid-2030s.

In 2020, the Pentagon said that the project would cost $95 billion, and the cost of one Sentinel missile would be $118 million. Now it has been increased to $214 million. Additional funds were mainly needed for the development of new launch complexes. Pentagon officials intend to inform Congress about this within days.

The project to develop a new ICBM has significant support in Congress, but some lawmakers believe that the Sentinel should be abandoned and the Minuteman III should continue to be used. They asked the Pentagon for an estimate of how much it would cost to modernize the existing missiles (serial production of the Minuteman III was discontinued in the late 1970s).

In May, US Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Logistics William LaPlante hinted at the possibility of scrapping the Sentinel program. He emphasized the importance of determining how much continuation of the program is necessary for US national security, as well as whether there are cheaper alternatives.

In June 2023, it became known that the United States does not have time to use Sentinel – it is expected to enter the armed forces in 2030, rather than 2029 as originally planned.

The rearmament was reported to be complicated by the following issues:

  • trouble with supply chains, as well as lack of necessary materials;
  • Northrop faced a staffing shortage, especially in finding highly qualified software specialists who did not want to undergo a lengthy inspection by intelligence services;
  • Northrop did not appear to have the infrastructure necessary to develop secret missile control software.< /li>

In February 2024, Northrop successfully completed testing several critical elements of the Sentinel missile. In particular, they tested the process of separating the protective fairing of the warhead.

"The fairing test proved the correctness of our model predictions. And the test of the rocket unit demonstrated the effectiveness of the rocket in flight, which helped to confirm the assumptions and finalize the models. These successes give us confidence that we continue to move forward on the path to creating a safe, secure and secure capacity for the nation.», – said Sarah Willoughby, vice president and head of the Sentinel program at Northrop Grumman.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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