The programs they use in Hollywood to edit movies

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In the case of special effects, many software add realism to computer-generated sets

The programs used in Hollywood to edit movies

In the case of special effects, many softwares bring realism to computer-generated scenarios (Freepik)

The film industry, especially the one that concentrates on Hollywood is constantly modernizing itself to generate new content that is attractive to its audiences. Especially when it comes to special effects, films use different editing programs to materialize the director's vision.

There are times when the production of a feature film, such as Avatar, takes a long time, not only because of the difficulties that exist when making the recordings, but also because the special effects and digital touch-ups take a long time. to be made from scratch.

These are some of the programs that are used for film editing:

Autodesk Maya

This software is specialized in creating realistic characters in 3D using digital modeling and animation, although it can also be used to generate elements within a space or an environment in which a animation can be developed. >scene.

The programs used in Hollywood to edit movies

Autodesk (Autodesk/Capture)

According to their web page< /b>Oficial, this program can also be used for the creation of environmental effects such as explosions, snow storms and other simulations with realistic physics with its Bifrost function.

In order to generate characters from scratch, users can establish virtual skeletons on which moldable bodies can be established to suit and need for production from the movie.


The ZBrush software is dedicated to texturing, shaping and painting elements for movies using virtual clay that can be shaped into any desired shape using the tools that are available in the program.

The programs they use in Hollywood to edit movies

ZBrush is a 3D modeling software (Toolfarm)

Their website states that this software can also help generate details in elements that were modeled on other platforms, so as to increase the level of realism of objects or the skin of people, animals or creatures generated by computer.

Has a special option to generate textures inside surfaces, so if the user wishes, they can add scales or blemishes to the skin of the characters they are creating. To help with this, a texture map is provided that an editor can support to know how to apply them to the model being worked on.


This software is dedicated to the simulation of elements with realistic physics and has options for different scenarios and objects to which that you want to animate depending on the context of the production.

The programs they use I was in Hollywood to edit movies

Houdini is a software dedicated to the elaboration of special effects (Sidefx)

The official site of Houdini, which is part of a series of products within the developer SideFX, it indicates that this program is specialized in the simulation of fire and smoke, fluids, dynamic particles, destruction special effects, solid elements, clothing and hair, grains like sand and snow and crowds.

This tool is mostly used in action productions in which the Realism of all these elements can contribute to the aesthetics of the content of the film.


This software is focused on the post production and the layering of the scenes in which all the previously mentioned elements are included. Real and virtual characters, modeled objects, particle effects, settings of scenarios, among other elements that add to the construction of a context within the film.

The programs they use in Hollywood to edit movies

Nuke (Capture)

It also gives users the ability to experiment with creative tools to the development of complex scenarios.

This software is widely used for different types of films, especially for those with a high complexity or scenes that bring together several computer generated elements.

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