The pro-Russian priest was ruled for mercy by the court

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Court ruled pro-Russian priest for mercy On the 28th of the fierce secretary of the Kirovohrad eparchy of the UOC (MP) Roman Kondratyuk, who is suspected of robbing the religious witches, he advises "Suspіlne. Kropyvnytskyi".

Prosecutor Hanna Melnikova asked for house arrest, for suspicions she could be taken to court and brought to court.

Attorney Sergiy Galushko vіdpovіv, yogo pіdzakhisny priyaє і not rehovuєє, vіn є the only year of the squad, yak and two children. Sim'I'm renting an apartment. Previously, Kondratyuk was not judged, it’s nasty to feel the rest of the month that may be directed from the doctor to hospitalization. The lawyer, having asked the court to “show mercy and recognize the goiter as a special visit.” I don’t take me to the name of the priests and I don’t take anyone to spit on. Navpaki – I try to do everything to ensure that the investigation was carried out in a diligent manner and I’ll confess my fault, I’ll be blamed for it,” – scoring guilt. If you want to appeal, stink for five days.

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