The pro-Russian party is trying to return to work through the court

The pro-Russian party is trying to return to work through the court

Pro-Russian party tries to return to work through court The Socialists, in order to eliminate the shortcomings in the appeal, the court ruling of July 6 says.

As Rukh Chesno notes, the party filed an appeal in early July, in which it demands to cancel the decision to secure the claim of the Eighth of the Administrative Court of Appeal dated May 20, 2022 and the decision of the same court to ban the party dated June 13.

The party had ten days to appeal against the ruling, but filed an appeal on July 1 without indicating the reasons for missing the deadline and petitioning for its renewal. Also, “the complaint does not provide substantiation, what is the incorrectness or incompleteness of the study of evidence and the establishment of circumstances in the case.”

As for the decision of the Eighth Administrative Court of Appeal, in accordance with it, the head of the Socialist Party Evgeny Anoprienko “carries out activities in the interests of a functionary of the anti-Ukrainian, so-called” Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine “; (activity is coordinated by the government of the Russian Federation), ex-head of the Administration of the President of Ukraine A. Klyuev (located on the territory of the Russian Federation)”. There is no evidence to confirm this fact in the decision.

In addition, with reference to the party's Facebook page, it is stated that its content “was aimed at popularizing the party and criticizing the current Ukrainian authorities”, however, specific examples of such content in there are also no court decisions, but from such a statement it is concluded that Andriy Klyuev uses the Socialist party “to carry out subversive activities in the interests of the aggressor country.”

As for Evgeniy Anoprienko, he was an assistant to the former deputy of the Regions Andrei Klyuev and himself previously ran as a member of the Party of Regions under number 321.

Party “Socialists” registered in August 2014 under the name “Workers, peasants, intelligentsia of Ukraine”. The current name is "Socialists" party received in February 2015. At that time, the leader of the Socialists was Vasily Tsushko, who first became the Minister of Economy in the government of Azarov, and later headed the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (2010-2014). In 2006-2007, Vasily Tsushko was Minister of the Interior in the government of Viktor Yanukovych. Since 1994, Tsushko has been elected to parliament several times from the Socialist Party of Ukraine (also banned by a court decision).

Representatives of the party spoke quite specifically about Russia. In one of the interviews for July 2015, as deputy head of the Socialists, Leonid Kozhara criticizes the Ukrainian authorities for not implementing the Minsk agreements, isolating Donbass and unwillingness to conduct direct negotiations with the “administrative authorities” in the Donbass. Kozhara does not mention Russia's responsibility for the war in eastern Ukraine, saying only that “the role of the Russian Federation is quite high, since the conflict in Donbass takes place directly at the borders of the Russian Federation.”

Representatives of the party systematically appeared on Medvedchuk's TV channels , as well as on the air of the NASH TV channel Evgenia Muraeva.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich