The Princess and the Frog: a live-action in preparation at Disney? What we know

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The Princess and the Frog: a live-action in preparation at Disney? What we know

Will Princess Tiana be the heroine of an upcoming Disney live-action? That's what this expert says!

Rumors have been swirling around for the past few years. The beautiful Tiana, heroine of the Disney cartoon The Princess and the Frog, soon to be the protagonist of a live-action? That's what many experts say! In December 2020, Disney had also met the expectations of its audience. On the occasion of a major Disney presentation, full of announcements of new programs to come, the teams had indicated that a new project inspired by the film was about to see the light of day. They had then mentioned an adaptation in animated series. It would not be a remake, but a fragmented sequel, broadcast on Disney +. A statement coupled with the announcement from the Twitter account @ThePopTingz on March 17. The latter, meanwhile, shared that a live-action would indeed be in preparation.

Released more than a decade ago, The Princess and the Frog is the first-ever Disney animated film to feature an African-American princess. In addition to offering an original story centered on voodoo magic, the film stood out with an independent heroine, whose strong character immediately won over the public. If no confirmation has, for the moment, been made by Disney, fans continue to nurture their hopesto find Tiana on the big screen. But before hoping for an announcement from the production studios, Disney intends to focus attention on the next live-action that will put the character of Ariel in the spotlight. Several trailers have already announced the return of the famous mermaid. This adaptation in live action should not be far from the classic animation of the firm with big ears.

Tiana's return in a Disney live-action ?

To bring this classic to life, Disney is casting Halle Bailey as Ariel. In addition to being an actress, the young woman is also a recognized singer. A quality required to interpret the famous songs that have rocked many generations. Alongside her, viewers will find Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men) as King Triton, Melissa McCarthy (My Best Friends) who will play Ursula and Jonah Hauer -King (World on Fire) who will play Prince Eric. The production was entrusted to Rob Marshall. It’s also the latter to whom we owe The Return of Mary Poppins or Pirates of the Caribbean: The Fountain of Youth. Note that this new Disney live-action will be released on May 24, 2023 in French cinemas.