The president of the Teatro Real: “Some spectators wanted the function not to be held”

Gregorio Marañón recalls that the norm does not require a minimum distance but a limited capacity, a condition that was fulfilled on Sunday in the performance of 'Un ballo in maschere'.

Gregorio Marañón, the president of the Teatro Real board of trustees, has appeared before the media to defend the security measures implemented in the representation of Un ballo in maschera , which yesterday was interrupted by the protests of a group of spectators of the amphitheater who denounced the overcrowding in its stands, the cheapest in the room.

The main argument of the Teatro Real is that its security regulations respected the current regulations in force. The capacity of the hall was reduced to 50% (905 tickets out of 1,800 available) , despite the fact that the rule allows the capacity to be increased to 75%. The norm, Marañón assures, speaks of capacity and the obligation to wear a mask, but does not require a minimum distance between people.

There is not a problem of class struggle in the Royal Theater ,” said Marañón, in response to the social alarm that some photographs of yesterday's frustrated performance have aroused, with the chicken coop overflowing and the stalls reasonably clear. “The row in which I was sitting [in the stalls] was full, the one behind as well and in the one in front there were two empty seats.”

So why the scandal? Marañón was asked about an alleged black hand that had orchestrated the protests. “I am not interested in knowing the reasons … The human condition is very plural,” replied the president of the Prado Foundation, who spoke of the surprise that caused him to discover that some spectators “continued to shout” despite the fact that they had been offered relocation or return of tickets. “It's like they don't want the performance to unfold.”

On Wednesday there will be a new representation of Ballo in maschera at the Real. Tickets are already sold. “We will do our best to make everyone feel safe.”

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