The president of the Spanish football federation resigned because of the kiss scandal (video)

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President of the Spanish Football Federation resigned due to the kiss scandal (video)

Photo: Luis Rubiales kiss Jennifer Hermoso/screenshot

Luis Rubiales announced his resignation from the post of head of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). Rubiales announced this in the program of British TV presenter Piers Morgan.

"I can't work", said Rubiales, who found himself at the center of a scandal after he kissed athlete Jennifer on the lips on August 20, after the victory of the Spanish national football team in the final of the Women's World Championship during the award ceremony Hermoso.

Rubiales claims that he became a victim of "false feminism," and the kiss was consensual. Hermoso denied this.

After it became known about the resignation, Rubiales published a post on Twitter, from which it follows that he still does not recognize himself as guilty.

I will defend my honor. I will defend my innocence. I have faith in the future. I believe in the truth.

After the kiss in the final of the FIFA Women's World Cup, more than 80 soccer players announced that they would not play for the Spanish national team while Rubiales remained in his post .

33-year-old Jennifer Hermoso, in turn, officially complained about the actions of Rubiales to the prosecutor's office in Madrid. She is conducting an investigation on suspicion of sexual violence. The official faces up to four years in prison.


Prepared by: Sergey Daga