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His mandate will be terminated for “serious misconduct” concerning “the worrying management of expenses” of the Office.

The president of the OCPM is dismissed

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Isabelle Beaulieu appeared before the Commission on Finance and Administration of Montreal last week regarding the expenses of the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM), deemed excessive by elected officials. (Archive photo)


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Blame for its negligence in connection With the excessive expenses incurred by the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) since her appointment in February 2022, the organization's big boss, Isabelle Beaulieu, is officially dismissed.

The municipal council voted Tuesday in favor of his dismissal, which Mayor Valérie Plante had mentioned for the first time last Friday.

The Ms. Beaulieu's mandate will be terminated for serious misconduct following recent allegations concerning the worrying management of OCPM's expenses and the resulting crisis of confidence, specifies the decision-making summary.

For this reason, the president of the organization, who defended herself as best she could before the Commission on Finance and Administration of Montreal last week, will not be entitled to the maximum severance pay provided for in his contract, i.e. one year's salary, or $153,000.

The official opposition nevertheless deplores that Dominique Ollivier, who left her position as president of the Montreal executive committee last week, continues to sit with the Plante administration on the municipal council, even though she led the OCPM much longer than Isabelle Beaulieu, from 2014 to 2021.

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Dominique Ollivier affirmed that solving the governance problems that she noticed when arriving at the head of the OCPM was not in her power. (File photo)

The decisions approved by the municipal council on Tuesday provide that the director general of the City of Montreal, Serge Lamontagne, will immediately begin looking for the person who will succeed Isabelle Beaulieu.

As has been announced, OCPM expenses will also be frozen until further notice. The organization, however, will not be dismantled. “We must not throw the baby out with the bathwater,” argued Valérie Plante last Sunday on the show Everybody talks about it.

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The mayoress of Montreal , Valérie Plante, guest on the show “Everybody talks about it” on November 19, 2023, reaffirmed her support for Dominique Ollivier. (Archive photo)

The official opposition went ahead with its amendment, already promised the day before, so that the management of the OCPM would be assigned to a external and independent organization instead of being entrusted to the Director General of the City. The official opposition finance critic, Alan DeSousa, suggested that a person who is not attached to the municipal apparatus obtain this role.< /p>

The decision-making summary linked to the dismissal of Isabelle Beaulieu, moreover, says nothing about the future of the secretary general of the OCPM, Guy Grenier, named several times in recent weeks in articles in the Journal de Montréal at the origin of the controversy over the organization's expenses.

Quebec's Minister of Municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest, had nevertheless invited the two leaders to “think about their future”, two weeks ago, when the controversy arose. exploded.

Coming out of the silence in which she had confined herself, Isabelle Beaulieu responded the same day in an interview on the show < em>On 15-18, on ICI Premiere, who she felt was still the right person to chair the OCPM, an organization whose annual budget is around three million dollars. p>

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