The President of the Movement for Credible Cycling attacked Nairo for sanction from the UCI.

The President of the Movement for Credible Cycling attacked Nairo for sanction from the UCI.

Nairo Quintana, from Arkéa Samsic, disqualified from the last Tour de France due to a medical infraction, decided to withdraw from the Vuelta on Thursday to Spain 2022 arguing that he does not have “the head or the body for the competition”.

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“I prefer to return home, organize and prepare my defense on the notification that I received yesterday (Wednesday),” declared the 32-year-old Colombian runner, winner of the Vuelta in 2016, in a message posted on his Instagram account.

Quintana was sanctioned by the International Cycling Union after specifying that two dried blood samples provided by the runner were analyzed on July 8 (stage 7) and 13 (stage 11) during the 'Grande Boucle', and revealed the presence of tramadol, an analgesic that is not on the list of prohibited substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Regarding this situation, Sébastien Hinault, the director of Akrea, his team, said that they have not “yet” gotten “to the bottom of the matter”.

“We are waiting to achieve it to have enough clarity before issuing any judgment” , he added.

He also said “I have no idea” about the origin of the substance.

In the midst of this situation, while Quintana finalizes the details of his defense before the Arbitration Court of Sport (CAS), Roger Legeay, former cyclist and president Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC ), a renowned group of teams and cyclists, including Arkea, chose to rule on Nairo's case.

Their verdict was accurate: “Arkea has nothing to do with it” .

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'Arkea has nothing to do with it'

The President of the Movement for Credible-Cycling attacked Nairo by UCI sanction.

The Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC) “is an association that aims to defend clean cycling,” reads its official page.< br>
“Transparency, responsibility and commitment of our members are the pillars of our identity. MPCC is also a whistleblower on corticosteroids, tramadol, stilnox and mechanical doping“, continues reading in the presentation of the group that has been active for more than 15 years.

“The disqualification of Nairo Quintana in the Tour de France is a serious measure for the cyclist and for the team. Especially for Arkea, due to how much they need UCI points to guarantee a place next year in the World Tour It's a strong decision that satisfies us“, explained Roger Legeay at the outset, in dialogue with 'Velonews'.

Regarding Nairo and Arkea's decision not to be in the Vuelta a España, the president of the MPCC explained, taking into account the role of the association he presides over, that “Arkea is voluntarily in the group of MPCC teams but we we would never put pressure on them. It is a measure that is their responsibility and that speaks well of their respect for fair play“.

“The MPCC has worked very hard to include tramadol “It's not on the WADA list of banned substances. It's not on the blacklist right now, but I know they're considering it for the future. We'll keep pushing for it to be included,” he added.

In the end, regarding the responsibility behind the appearance of tramadol in Nairo's samples, according to the UCI, Roger Legeay assured: “They are members of the MPCC. They have been reluctant to use Tramadol in competition and are the most affected now”.

“The Arkea team has nothing to do with this situation”, he concluded.

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