The president of the albiazul team referred to the rumors circulating in some media.

The president of the albiazul team referred to the rumors circulating in some media.

Millonarios is currently the leader in Colombian soccer. With 11 points, the team from Bogota surpasses Unión Magdalena, which is second, one unit apart.

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In the wave of match victories, club president Enrique Camacho addressed the rumors that have circulated about the possible departures of Daniel Ruiz, Llinás and Juan Pablo Vargas.

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Camacho responds

The president of the albiazul team referred to the rumors circulating in some media.

“We did not have in our accounts that Millonarios is the most quoted payroll for 'Transfermarkt', that depends on the evolution of the teams in the market. It is good that Millonarios has those market profiles. The payroll that is estimated in the market, which could have a larger transaction. For me, the most valuable payroll is that of Millionaires, not only because of the economic value, but also because of their personal value, the ability to play as a team”, explained the leader in dialogue with 'Caracol radio' about the distinction made by the portal specializing in transfers to the Millonarios campus.

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< br>On the goals and results of the club, Camacho said: “The goal will always be to be champion, is what we have been working intensely with the process we have with Gamero. It is a stable game model, which does not change from season to season, regardless of the change of players.

“We are satisfied with the fulfillment of the objectives. The results have shown us that integrating players with experience and from the academy has left interesting results. Millonarios proposes and is willing to put on a good show. In this League, we are achieving that, we are working hard to maintain those places of privilege”
, he added.

In the end, regarding the rumors about possible sales of the players Andrés Llinás, Daniel Ruiz and Juan Pablo Vargas, the leader explained:

“There are no offers for them, surely the agents will be in it and there will be interest. The case of Vargas, from the national team and Llinás, one of the best central defenders that Colombian soccer has left. The arrival of offers is a decision that must be analyzed by the player and the club. The footballer can have the options to grow and as a team, we are not opposed to that.”

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